Casuals San Lorenzo Village(SIK's House)

So i figured i might as well make a whole thread for this instead of the other one so new guys will know where exactly n who is doing them…

We do the casuals here in San Lorenzo usually on Mondays and at 3pm if we don’t do them on Mondays then we pick em up on Wednesdays(ill let u guys know when we have to switch)

Good stuff to the guys who came out today: BlazinSpeedz,Grimmmz,Dog eatl2,Smurf,Hadokn,Batman… :wgrin:

Edit: also the vids from each casual session will be uploaded to my youtube account

Am I cool enough to get invited to this? SLz is only down the street :bgrin:

Hell yea trying to be a regular.

WEWWWWWT Sik’s igloo Casuals BaBAY!

please man come through. it seems we have a lot of more people coming so please if you could bring a xbox we have another tv

damn you sik i liked how my thread was becoming popular lol

MWUAHAHAHA Dog Eater its time to move on my friend…be like water…O.o

Too many mind.


aaite fosho

San Lorenzo… hmmm

im bored…if anyone is also not doing anything post soon and you can come chill and play some sf4 att my spot in alameda

Yea dude, I got your skype message. Alas, I’m hard at work slingin’ comics today. Upside is my monitor should be here today so I will be on Live more than psn now.

lol thats cool. i need to find a new xbox so i can even play on live ugh. it sucks. ill try to find another time for us to chill then

Yup I need a new xbox asap prob have one in a week or two till then San Lorenzo.

sorry been busy n havent had the time to upload the vids ill try to get on em ASAP

:lol: I look forward to the next one :nunchuck::karate:

Also you guys are more then welcome to come tomorrow to hayward at shonuff’s Dojo for another session starting at 6pm.

Get it together Sik lol.

Casuals gonna be on Wednesday next week at 3pm Monday is a no go right now ^^

Sounds good i’ll try to make it.

Me want vids!!!

Yo Yo we might need someone with a camera to film us, since Sikz comp is on the injured list right now.