Casuals San Lorenzo Village(SIK's House)

I gotta camcorder. It’s measly SD, though.

yea josh sounds good bro my computer in the back room got the damn Blue screen >.< now it wont load up 4 shit…

Cool, imma try to switch my work schedule so I can make it on wednesday.

would anyone be interested in casuals at my place tomorrow same time as siks usually is? i need practice. i can’t do training mode all day all week it sucks haha

2 more days, can’t wait to get this ninja dog eater talking all that shit on youtube.

hahaha yall fools is hilarious haha

haha i look forward to it smurf. just dont forget they call me the king for a reason

That may be true but u’ll still NEVER survive in the jungle!

here bro i fixed up for you…no need to thank me

Lol let’s see what happens, can’t wait.

lol hey blaze that was a mistake check the video. i have no idea why that came out. maybe it was a ex tiger knee and it came out an ultra. anyone wanna come over tomorrow at my place? im not doing anything

yeah i’ll be there. who buying my plane ticket though? 'cuz you know nikkas is DEEEP! lmao

LOL! fuckin skate

Yee! tomorrow its on…only thing we gonna have to cut em at around 10 cuz i gotta wake up dum ass early thursday for court

Let’s do it, I’ll be there around 4-4:30.

damn smurf kinda late? its cool i just am not sure exactly how long i can kick it. ill be there around the usual ralph if thats cool

:lol: Hopefully I can make it tomorrow. If I do I probably won’t be there too long with finals and all :sweat::wonder:

LOL almost time to humble some ninjaz, yea it’s late cuz my bro comes off of work at that time.

Err, is this place near San Jose? How far of a drive?

30 mins for you prolly