CAT GIRL V aka ayia girl has found themselves on top 10 in ranked leaderboards

This saddens me as that individual is a known booster. Is there a way for Capcom to ban this person?

? ??? Just who exactly is Rikku Girl x? - News

You guys have a website dedicated to him? That’s kinda creepy.

I don’t give a flyin sh8t

No one cares.

I found that website from another thread in SRK. This person is number 1 on the SSF4 ranked leaderboards from their boosting.

Even if this person really is boosting and really is trolling about his gender, he is not doing anything illegal. The linked website details, supposedly, his real location as well as his parents, who are innocent, location. Who gives a shit about leader boards? Want to be recognized? Win some big name tourneys.

This topic is stupid and that website crosses the line.

People care about ranked ladders for SSF4 and MvC3? How… quaint. :coffee:

damn these people…


sad panda i am.

word, its funny when people RQ on me in MvC2 and then send me “haha you didnt get the win” as if thats what matters. the 98 seconds i was trashing your ass and you quit at the last one? whatever you need to save your dignity bro :rofl: