Cataclysm 5 - October 9th - 11th South Windsor CT


Hi guys, I am obviously new to these forums but I wouldn’t exactly say that I am 100% new to the community. I run tournaments in the Smash Bros community, work as a MLG referee, and work at PAX helping run SFIV and Halo 3. In the past I have worked at events alongside Lucky D and Seb Rhee and I obviously have a lot of respect for the SF community. With that being said it is why I have come here to see if you guys would be interested in my October event.

Here some info about the venue.

13,000 Square Ft.
15 Minutes from Bradley International Airport
5 minutes off the highway
Bar will be open for business IN THE VENUE
There is a full arcade connected to the venue
Lazer tag, putt putt golf, bumper cars are also connected to the venue
Venue has a PA system

I really do my best to make events affordable but absurdly fun, and with the live streams and few events I have attended with SF present I think it would be incredible to have you guys there.

For more detailed info we have a longer post on the Smashboards thread.

If we seem to have solid interest I can promise a solid amount of setups, internet access for a live stream, and registration will be starting this week. This thread will also be revamped entirely.

Note: We are expecting 300+ for melee+brawl and have confirmed attendance from Russia Canada and all regions of the US



I would love to go to something like this. What’s the fee looking like for SSF4?


The venue is $20 for a 3 day pass currently(it will be a bit higher as the event gets closer) and it would likely be $15 for SSFIV. I’ll be updating the post within the next day or 2 with pictures and other information. Assuming SSFIV was a single day tournament it will likely be $10 for singlr day venue pass and $15 for an entry fee, but there will indeed be SF setups all 3 days of the event.


Hell yeah, I’m up for this. I live in East Windsor so it’d be damn easy for me to make it.