^^Catalogs - Sanwa and Seimitsu^^

OK, both catalogs are ready for download. Sanwascans are troubled by little “see through” on some pages, but nothing major. Hope you all enjoy!

Fixed the errorpage on the Seimitsucatalog so it is 100% ok now. Also, Please read the .txt file in the zipfile, thanks!

                                        *Seimitsu Catalog* (60Mb)

-----------> http://www.arkadesticks.com/seimitsuca.zip <--------------

                                         *Sanwa Catalog* (22Mb)
 -----------&gt;  http://arkadesticks.com/sanwaca.zip &lt;--------------

I put the catalogs on my other server also so if one is down you could try downloading it from this one:


Cool. Looking forward to the Sanwa cat.

A quick question for you

Can you remove the washer in sanwa sticks? I find that it moves around sometimes and the movement of the stick is not super smooth.

So I removed it and the stick feels better. BUT is it safe to remove?


Everything on a sanwa joystick is there for a reason. It may work without but I don`t recommend it.

save fighting… have you tried waxing or lubricating the washer
i do it all the time. it helps alot. also dont stretch the spring… sometimes too far makes the washer stick because of pressure.

Thanks guys.

I’ll try waxing it.


Sanwacatalog is in! Look at first post…

Thanks for posting these. Great for browsing.

No problem! I am glad to help.

I like the mesh patterned balltop.

Wow lots of cool stuff. I didn’t know that sanwa made a 2-way restrictor for the JLF joysticks. I’ll have to get ones of those for when I feel the need to play some old school galaga. :bgrin:
Also do you have any idea what that GT-0 is? Is it possibly a circular restrictor for the JLW stick?

I am glad so many people liked that I scanned the catalogs ^_^.
GT-0 would be a circular restrictor for the JLW and the GT-2T is 2way restrictor.

Downloaded them a few days ago, forgot to say thanks. So, thanks.

That is very nice of you to say thanks, and you are so welcome ^_^.

Actually, I saw a funny thing today in the sanwa catalog…in the catalog you can choose between LB-35-MP (Pink) and LB-35-MG (Green) “meshballs” right? Well, if you look at the very first page in the sanwacatalog there is a little pic that shows for example a red and blue meshball so I am going to try and order these this week (among other things). Post pic if I get anything ^_^.

u takin special orders? …cuz I see some things in the seimitsu catalog that are of interest…


I can get whatever you want. Send an email to:

Just wanted to bump it so people that have not downloaded can download :).

Thanks TRNG. Do you know how much those GT-0’s would sell for?

I’m having trouble viewing the catalog :sad: . Can somebody tell me if they have 30mm black snap in buttons? Please.

Just checked the catalogue. Sanwa does not have them in that color. Sorry.