'Catching ammonia': Is the media trolling urban people?(vid)

So there’s a news broadcast about Jordans coming out and people camping out and what not, and as usual they have to find the most STUPID person there. And I think this one takes the cake. I mean, do they ask people what 1 + 1 is, and whoever gets it wrong, they interview? We all know this happens, but just how bad urban people are made to look in THIS clip is a new level.


I mean, could they not have found someone with a modicum of English skills? You need a translator to get what the girls saying, and the guy is mumbling about ‘cuh we git money doe nahmean dis aint nutin’ basically admitting to being a dumbass drug dealer. Those anchors know exactly what they’re doing when they interview these types of people(lulz for all).

I leave you with Shaniqua’s words of wisdom:


Oh they do the same shit when a tornado runs through middle america. Find the dumbest fucks on earth to interview.

“We looked out the window just in time to see the chicken coop fly right over our house. All I could think was Caroline’s still got my casaroll dish.”

That reporter’s nervous laugh at the end is great. He’s so uncomfortable being there.

The reporters made that video.


Somebody please make an avatar.

This is the shit I put up with errahday.

Call the amber lamps, I think I dun gots ammonia.

inb4 someone goes “hurr durr racist interview”

I gotta say though, niggas be fucking hilarious

White people…

I mean, wait- yay!

Holy shit. They make Bub Rub look like Carlton Banks.

Nice to see that people have their priorities straight during these hard economic times.

The media has always intended to show us in a bad light. They choose what footage they want to use. They will ALWAYS gravitate towards the most ignorant black person in the crowd for an interview. And the most ignorant are often the first to want to hog the camera time.

Oh god I live like 30 minutes from that mall by car, what the fuck are people waiting up at midnight for shoes? Media didn’t create this stupidity, those people did, media just took advantage of it for the lulz.

I feel great shame right now, great shame indeed. But I’m not black so it’s not complete shame.

By the way, mall’s nickname is Gunspoint, because there is routinely a few shootings there on a bi-monthly basis. Also you will never see a white person there unless they fall into the sub-class of wigger.

Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling in his grave.

The media always picks the dumbest people to interview. Watch how many “dumb Americans” international TV shows interview every time they shoot a special over here. Because dumb = entertaining and makes the viewer feel superior and better about his/herself, thus more likely to “enjoy” the programming. Do whatever you can to make your customer feel good. It’s basic marketing. Not racism. Certain people may LIKE it for racist reasons.

[LEFT]I used to be a shoe connoisseur like you until I caught ammonia in the knee[/LEFT]