Catching assists after they fall out of combos

Alright this has been kind of bugging me for a while since I’ve seen it happen numerous times online, and I haven’t really decided to look into it until a few minutes ago. What I’m talking about you when you catch an opponents assist, they’re dropped for whatever reason, and as soon as they stand up to leave the field they get hit with an attack.

Classic example is Ryu has two characters in a combo, the assist falls to the ground as Ryu does a grounded Shinkuu Hadoken, and the assist character takes damage as he/she stands up to leave. Maybe I’ve missed something but aren’t assists supposed to be invincible by this point? Even if they’re not this doesn’t seem to be consistent anyway because I’ve seen similar situations get no results.

Here’s another example from The Break at 6:30


Now to me that just looks like an extremly well timed meaty but I’ve seen assists stand up into beams before and not get hit so what’s the deal here? Again I’ve probably missed something but this is pretty weird.

Setting aside the damage to my eardrums from that commentator going crazy at the time, I guess there is a frame or two in which you can still hit him, perhaps? It would also explain why you can hit with something like Ryu’s hyper… maybe this is something that’s specific to certain assists?

Yeah but I’ve seen the same situation I explained with Ryu fail even though it was pretty much the same conditions. I’ve even seen an assist stand up in the middle of Vergil’s Slash Dimension and get caught for some reason. I just wanna find out if there’s a way to do it consistently.

Hmm thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ve never noticed this.

Hmm, I had a match yesterday where I caught Ryu after he’d stood up to leave after DHCing into a photon array super. Managed to get him with a shockwave DHC after that as well… took about 95% HP off.

I think there’s probably a very brief window of opportunity to do it - one, maybe two frames at most - dimension slash would definitely not show consistency, so it might catch sometimes in that frame window and sometimes not (probably not most of the time).

This is pure guesswork, here, but assuming Shinku Hadouken does (I think) 50 hits when mashed, it takes something like 3 seconds from start to finish, which - if I’m assuming correctly - marvel runs at 60 FPS, is 180 frames for 50 hits. If the window is as small as I’m assuming it is - one or two frames - you can imagine it might in certain situations not hit quickly enough to catch the assist character.

Given the likely impossible chance of timing the super such that it hits at the right moment to catch the assist, it’d make this a pretty inconsistent thing to happen… unless, of course, mashing the super changes how quickly the hits come out as well as the number of them, but I’m pretty sure it just makes each hit 2 hits at the same time.

this happens really often with round harvest. it’s really, really funny to watch an assist stand up and start getting hit for what appears to be no given reason.