Catching brain whiffs


I don’t know if that is the right terminology but I catch these crazy brain farts while trying to practice combos. For example, I’m using Dante in mission mode and the command requires a double jump I was really focusing on that part cause the rest is fairly easy. So, I’m doing it a couple times just fine and I start to execute the full combo came close once or twice and then all of sudden its like the rhythm and control I had is gone. Its like I can’t do it for an extended period of time and its frustrating to no end especially after you spent so long trying to make sure you have everything down. Anyone else have this issue? It really pisses me off its not even that hard a combo arrrggh :annoy:


I learned this on from a pro Japanese player. A way of getting the brain to focus better is to shut down unnecessary processes. A common trick to do in combo practice is to keep one eye shut and hold your breath as you are executing. It’ll raise your combo accuracy and condition you to do them in an auto-pilot-like state.

It’s not too apparent, but you can see a lot of pros NOT breathing as they are executing advanced combos. You’ll notice they’ll breathe pretty heavy in between rounds to catch their breath. You can catch a whiff of breath during super/hyper animations as well.

Good luck.