CATGIRL HighLord Top1 Rank Leadboard - *VIDEO INSIDE*

Me vs CatGirl

** HER BATTLE DATA at the end of the video **
Trish 352 times, Viper? 324 times
total: PLAYTIME 24:22 hours / 2256 matches!
cough very legit … (sarcasm)

I believe in mike ross, so im using sentinel.
Ya im a scrub, i miss so many combo :frowning:

Beating him is like beating your 3 year old cousin.

That was an easy win vs. someone with 999 wins and >300 losses.

? boosters.


It’s hilarious how much attention and time some of you spend on that person.

I still don’t understand why people boost or hack leaderboards to begin with; does your life seriously suck that much to have to turn to methods like that? Weird.

Can we somehow get Catgirl banned? I’m tired of seeing him on the top of every fighting game leaderboard. And he’s terrible.

Apparently so, because not only is he boosting, he’s also impersonating a chick.

Was pure luck, I was playing casual match and saw that B*TCH lol.

God, not this again.

Agreed. Just let him go on with his pathetic life, it’s not like he’s bothering anyone. Leaderboards are meaningless anyways. Go here for stuff like this. New thread is not needed.