Catherine - 9/12/10 Update - Meet Katherine!(with a K)

  • horror/adult action adventure
  • producer Katsura Hashino
  • character design Shigenori Soejima(Main art for Persona 3/Persona 4)
  • composer Shoji Meguro(Various Shin Megami Tensei titles)
    Voice actors; Vincent - Koichi Yamadera, Catherine - Miyuki Sawashiro


Vincents girlfriend Katherine(with a K)

??? - Catherine Official Site
Atlus Goes HD With Catherine (, 08.19.2010)
Catherine (Atlus, PS3/360) - NeoGAF

-completely new IP
-action/adventure/horror game
-Meguro bangin the soundtrack, Soejima designing characters, Hashino directing (P4)
-80% complete already
-Winter 2010 release for Japan
-lead developed PS3 (PhyreEngine), also on Xbox 360
Atlus Goes HD With Catherine (, 08.19.2010)

New screenshots

First Look: Catherine (, 08.19.2010)

A hint at Persona 5? This Week’s Flying Get (, 08.18.2010)


I’m so excited about this game. I love SMT and it’s spin-offs but I’m not one of those fans that needs Persona 24/7. I can hold off on the next Persona so this is an interesting turn of events in my favor. Atlus never dissapoints me with their stories, so I’m wondering what they’ll do for this one.

Even though this game will most likely have nothing to do with Persona you have to wonder if it might since this guy was in P3P. Will this be in the same universe or in a parallel one like what they did with SMT: If… and Persona 1?

Also, I’m very happy Shoji Meguro is doing the music.

Eh that last pic…

Even though I’ve never finished one, I LOVE the SMT games (never played any Persona, though! ><), but haven’t played any other Atlus titles. Judging from the screens though, this is in keeping with Atlus/SMT’s very distinctive artstyle, which makes me happy.

I have high hopes for this!

Asian sex game what a twist!

…but it’s not a PC game.

Bout time. Us console people have been ignored for far too long!shakes fist

Oooh nice ti- I mean pizza on the last pic. This should be interesting.

Any more solid impressions of how the game is going to play?

I’ve liked Atlus products, particularly their darker games (ala Nocturne and DDS, of those I’ve played) so a more adult theme is better. However, I am a wuss, so more horror-themed might be a bit much for me. I could probably handle it if it’s just themed that way, but full on horror would be tough…

Huh, so this explains that mystery man at Club Escapade in P3P.

I anticipate this will be like most other Atlus games: promising in concept, disappointing in delivery, and with a terrible synth soundtrack people will call amazing despite not knowing the first thing about good music.

If Dr. B’s a character this is a day one purchase. He’d make that gross cheese-pizza eating chick look… passable?

Too weird my friend. At least, going by this trailer though.


Looks interesting and I like the way the general storyline points given out so far sound. Hopefully, it’s more horror and less overt sexuality. Not that sexuality is inherently bad, it’s just that the pizza ad reminded me of every ‘game with a sexy girl character’ magazine ad from the late 90s. xd

She’ll kick your ass then break your heart.


But the sexy isn’t there to be sexy, it is there to be part of the theme.

Can’t wait. Even if the gameplay is horrible, I have faith in them to tell an interesting story.

…So their first HD game isn’t Persona 5? Pass.

Joking aside, I’ll be keeping an eye on this game. Sounds like there will be lots of humor despite the promise of having horror in it.

Let’s hope this is a foreshadowing of Persona 5 multi-platform.

Damn, that trailer was pretty trippy. I guess I’ll keep this game under my radar. It’s like Basic Instinct meets Atlus.

So every time he fucks this breezy, he turns into a goat/sheep, strips to his polka-dotted boxers, and enters a trippy ass dream world?

Well, shit.

Japan making a game that they say is about one thing but is really about tits.

What a shocker. :rofl: