Sup folks!

Over here in Europe… Catherine will be released in a few days from now.
However i am unsure wether if i want to pick it up asap or wait awhile for a pricedrop.
I am a BIG fan of games dev’d by Atlus (Persona 3 would be one of fav games).
I guess i’m being in doubt since it’s considered a “puzzle-game”…

So my question is (for someone that knows better than me) … First day buy or no?

Thanks guys.



Yo what’s good! Get on ggpo so I can stomp your dic in ST.

And look: So... competitive Catherine?!


Catherine is a really, really awesome game.

I bought Catherine a couple of weeks ago exclusively for the multiplayer, but then I found out you have to complete the single-player game to unlock multiplayer mode, so I gave it to my girlfriend, and now I can’t stop watching her play through single-player. I thought I would roll my eyes at the fluff and the story but then I was like “hey this is a neat story.”

The single-player game actually secretly doubles as one giant trial-by-fire tutorial for multiplayer. The game literally teaches you new tricks between every level. I’m not even kidding.

The multiplayer is SICK.