Catholic Priest abuse hotline melts down after first day of operation



When will people everywhere just wake the fuck up. That, I wonder.


Comes as no surprise.


back in the day priests were banging every broad who came into church until the church banned it

they should unban that


Sometimes I wonder if NAMBLA is involved…or possibly the Super Adventure Club…


Well, it’s more likely people are heavily leaving the church because Europe is highly secular and no one cares/believes anymore. I was listening about a debate in Germany and the Q&A was apparently very, let’s say, stupid. Philosophy of religion is very undeveloped in Germany. (This is probably somewhat of a contributing factor)


This is relevant to this thread.


You say that like it’s a bad thing. Kudos to the Germans for waking up and starting to not believe in space wizard and zombie jews. Also, what the hell does that have to do with the absurd amount of calls? Less Europeans are believing means the priests have to rape harder?

Yeah I thought of that right away lol


Well it’s a bad thing in that over here Philosophy has been turning from atheism for the last 50 years because it was held there due to retarded things like verificationism. That’s part of the reason that it took forever for people just to accept the Big Bang. I guess you’d rather have a universe popping out of nothing for no reason where not even potentialities exist. That just means there is a lack of thought in an area because of a bias. They haven’t progressed like American philosophy. This is apparent in debates when they really aren’t aware of how to deal with common arguments.

Also if God exists and right and wrong objectively exist, then Jesus resurrection makes sense and there is good philosophy behind the atonement, but I wouldn’t expect a lot of people to be open to this kind of thing when they call God “wizard” showing their complete lack of understanding of the traditional concept of God.

  • and I’m not even saying the Catholic church isn’t partly to blame for their losing members.

I don’t know about the calls. I’m skeptical about these kind of accusations, but I wouldn’t doubt it. It had to do with the second part of your first post.


They have it so twisted because the priests are not allowed to marry. There is no scriptural basis for that in the bible, in fact it is encouraged in the bible just for people with tendencies like these. I’m sure people will debate me, saying that there is something else going on more sinister or that pedophiles will be pedophiles, but I am a firm believer that having a repressed sexuality is highly dangerous and a major leading factor of becoming a pedophile.

Vow of celibacy is also such B.S. Catholics are the weirdest people on the planet. :tup:

This [media=youtube]nen45-37FDM&feature=related"[/media] got it right! And I’m not only saying that becuase the woman is hot. Looks like a normal man to me. Why can’t he lead the church? Oh that’s right, because he likes women. Horrible.


serious question: how the fuck is anybody still a catholic?
I’d figure the kidfucking and the cover-ups would hurt the credibility of your religious leaders, you know?


Most people don’t want to bother changing denominations.

Real talk. It’s a bitch. That and the whole “the Church isn’t bad, just everyone who works for it is” thing.


Ugh this all makes sense now. Usually on TV I’m seeing these annoying ass Catholics Come Home commericals. They must be hurting really badly business wise if they’re launching such a desperate marketing campaign.

If I were the pope I’d just come clean. Admit they fucked up. Cooperate fully with authorities. Defrock the molesters. The public is not going to forgive the church if they pretend these things never happened and sweep it under the rug. By denying it and launching these stupid marketing campaigns which try to brush their molestations under the rug they’re only going to make things worse. Oh and I’d also go with the radical move of lifting the celibacy requirement for the priests.

I actually like catholic church the most because they aren’t very fundy, they have a very loose and liberal interpretation of the bible. Its no accident most of the catholics who grow up either become marginal christians who attend church only on easter and christmas, or agnostic or atheist.


Why not side with liberal Protestant denominations? I think the reason people are leaving the Catholic Church is that they have so many useless attached doctrines and specifically their doctrine of salvation isn’t taught properly/wrong. It seems like their justification that is generally taught isn’t even from the council of Trent anyway. That one is much more similar with the Protestant position (and apparently the one of the current Pope).

I don’t agree. In the past, yeah, but now I think it has to do more with tradition. Even though I’m not Catholic, there is (maybe) a type of attractiveness I can see to it, anyway.


You’re JUST getting it?!

But really, the entire point of marketing is to generate sales.

For the Catholic Church, that is to get donations.


Well finally some good news!


odds are most of those calls aren’t really abuse calls and a lot of those abuse calls are simply bs to extort the church in one way or another, amongst calls from concerned parents, prank calls, protesters and protest groups

this shit has gone so out of hand that im afraid to believe anyone at this point


keep telling yourself that


Maybe he has a point. How many reports of abuse do you think are legitimate, especially if there is something to gain from it?


The scammers make up a small, small minority.

That said, I dunno about Germany, but if this shit was in America, 4chan would be trolling the fuck out of it.


I’m sure there were a number of “scammers” but I highly doubt it was even close to half the number of calls.