Catholic Priest abuse hotline melts down after first day of operation


Yeah, I don’t know. A fourth would still be a gigantic number.


Funny, that’s how I feel about the child-raping catholics


Catholic Church needs major reforms and they need to admit they fucked up before someone goes Death Wish on them. That would be a good movie actually. Get Gabriel Byrne in the Charles Bronson role. The plot could be that Byrne a Catholic priest whose illegitimate son from a torrid affair years ago is raped and murdered by a recent transfer to his working class parish . When the church covers it up, he starts a vendetta against the church. He is a priest so it’s not anti-catholic when he kills other priests, blows up churches, tortures suspected pedophiles etc (Hollywood logic here).

Get John Malkovich to be the head pedophile cardinal, Robert de Niro to be ex con arms supplier, Brendan Gleeson as neighborhood drinking buddy who helps him out but gets killed and have someone like Darren Aronofsky or David Fincher direct. Title it Divine Intervention and you have yourself at least a decent Death Wish ripoff.


fixed that for u bro


i hate the fact that religion is taking people to the extreme, and making people not believe in God due to the idiotic choices made by some fucked up individuals.

Religion, I feel, is a bad thing. Sure, some groups DO contribute to some truly helpful causes, but then you hear them go that little bit of extra fucking distance to disgrace the wrong things. Gay marriage is wrong, but fucking children is something you can just look the other way towards.

I still believe in God, but man…religions are FUCKED.


implying God is a coherent concept that doesn’t change from religion to religion, or even person to person


I’ve not doubt that many complaints were from wrongly perceived come-ons or “inappropriate” behaviour. Just because someone called doesn’t mean they took it in the ass from Father Willhelm.

That being said, the problem is likely far greater than they originally anticipated. I’m curious to see how the numbers turn up in the next few weeks when the system is resorted and the real cases are separated from the “priest bumped into me, rape RAPE RAPE RAEP!!!”