Catwoman combo video!


Threw this together last night. Did the editing today. Satisfied with the way it came out.

Lemme know what u guys think! Some good stuff in here. Enjoy!


Great work man, lol i liked and subscribed… any chance i get notations? Btw im feelin the trap joint u put on there. You make the beat?


I’ve never done notations before but maybe ill give it a try when i get some time.

Thanks for watching man!

Oh and the beat was made by the talented BeatBin. His channel on youtube is:

He has some pretty dope stuff on there.


Dope shit, but yeah notations would be helpful. Injustice is one game that needs it badly for combo videos.


**Nice combos dude.

Nice to see some one else besides me using that ground bounce cancel trick. Cancel Balinese Boot into Cat Dash by inputing Back+Medium, Forward+Medium.

I think I’ll make a video about that actually.**