CAX Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Tournament (July 13th, 2PM Hyatt Regency Santa Clara)

Moping around because you can’t make EVO this year? Gonna find yourself at California Extreme that weekend instead? Well, you’re not alone. Myself and a bunch of Capcom arcade cabinet aficionados are pulling together as many Street Fighter capable cabinets as we can this year in order to throw CAX’s first ever Street Fighter II tournament!

Official info here:

Info on who/what/hunh is CAX:

-Sign ups open at 2PM on July 13th on the show floor (fighting game section)
-Tournament starts at 3PM
-Game being played: Street Fighter II – Hyper Fighting (CPS1)
-Double Elimination Bracket
-Player cap of 32 players
-Registration fee is 5 bucks. If you are bringing a SF2 capable cabinet to the show or a CPS-1 HF board AND I use it for the tournament, I’ll wave the fee
-Prizes: Percentage of the pot + working on other potential prizes

Some very important things to keep in mind about this event:

  1. This is a fun casual event that is a part of the larger California Extreme show. If your priority for going to the show is to be in the tournament, and not going to the show for the show – you’re going to be disappointed. The show is considerably more expensive than 5 bucks. Going to the front desk and saying you’re only here for the Hyper Fighting tournament will not magically get you into the show for 5 bucks.

  2. This tournament is going to be run off of primarily American arcade cabinets coming from several different sources and collectors. There will NOT be one standard set of hardware that all cabinets will run on. One cabinet might run IL Comps, another may run off of Sanwa JLF’s. It’s the nature of the arcade beast and it’s the best set up I could pull together amongst multiple arcade collectors. Every step has been taken to ensure each cabinet will run a CPS-1 board with Hyper Fighting and that each cabinet has the same hardware type per player – but complaints about cabinet to cabinet hardware being different is gonna go in one ear and out the other. Consider it part of the event’s challenge.

  3. Have fun.

  4. Bay Area better mother fucking take EVO…

Just wrapped up. I’m sweaty and sore from dragging four cabinets out of the garage and to Santa Clara. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks to everyone that showed up, donated equipment, donated their time and participated. Sorry to people that missed out. Although everyone is occupied with EVO, the 32 player cap filled up in just 10 minutes (and there was a line of 20 already formed when registration opened!). There is definitely love for Hyper Fighting! Top 3:

1st Chris Tang
2nd Fu.Sung Cookie
3rd Darren Johnson

Full results:

Thanks again for making this happen. Chris Tang was a beast on those old cabs.

Thanks for coming out and playing! There are already rumblings that it will happen again next year. Hyper Fighting deserves at least one tournament a year. :stuck_out_tongue: