CC for Blanka?

I need some CC for Blanka to go along with my Bison and Guile for A groove. I getting bored of C groove lol and need some help formulating Blanka CC’s.

The actual combo would be nice but alos good concept and ideasa woudl eb great too

i saw this in a video, when you’re in the corner activated CC, roll behind the sucka then roundhouse to trip him, cr. fierce x nnn then finish with a super.

activate,, standing fierce x2, downforward fiercep(slide), standing fiercep(pops opponet in the air), standing jab(whiff), (super jump fp x 2) x n to the corner, then jump straight up fp x 5, then cancel into the super.

In corner you can also activate,, standing fp, df fp, standing roundhouse, standing jab, (jumping fp x 5) x n, super.

There are other ones too, these to me are the easiest to pull off consistently. Look in the blanka thread you’ll find much more there.