CC Setups



Rolento CC:, c.fp x3, c.rh, s.rh, (kk j.fp, s.rh ) x 2 j.sp, j. sk, rh knife, XX bomb super.

(, c.sp, c.sp, s.fp, kk, j.sp, j.sp) x 3 XX tripwire

This CC looks mad cool… you could always do the regular one if you aren’t that good at timing it.

  1. AFTER REVERSE ROLL JUMP: qcb+fp, fp, kk, fierce and continue cc 1 with the air part… add more heavy hits in the corner if needed. hard to land since the reverse roll jump attack isn’t that good, cool against newbs :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. ANTI-AIR: roundhouse knife, activate, c.fierce, kk and continue CC 1 with the air part. --> it helps to RC the knife.

  3. TRIP-GUARD (When opponent does a jumping attack): activate at last second, c. forward, -> CC 1 or CC 2… CC 2 to show off :wink:

  4. GUARD CRUSH: if player has less than half guard meter, activate, (c. sp x 2) (c. rh x 2) till guard is broken, then do combo of your choice. 1 is the best option because of the initial heavy hits.

These are setups I use most often… post yours! And tell me what you Rolento experts think… criticism appreciated.


I like to mash on activate when people are poking me.