CC throw on Rolento or Todo

I remembered there was this glitch with Rolento, Todo or Dan where you can throw them when they’re knocked down. I was just thinking of doing this with any character: RH throw to corner, dash and activate. Then FP throw x n. Is this possible at all? I’m only doing this to ease my curiousity. Oh and I tried throwing them once and continuing into a regular CC (like with Bison) but I couldn’t hit them after the throw;it just whiffs. why?
I also saw this combo with Zangief where he was able to do 4 or 5 SPDs on Rolento but I forgot how it’s done. I tried it but I keep getting pushed away; how am I supposed to do it? Lastly, how come the SPD can pick Rolento off the ground while the regular throw only works once?

You have to pick him up with a command grab. It works on rolento and dan.

Gief: Far 360+k, superjump forward, activate on way down, land, 360+k, jump forward, land, 360+k, walk forward, roll, super.

Trying to juggle after a throw doesn’t work because as a rule you aren’t allowed to juggle after normal throws. There are exceptions like Maki’s and Hibiki’s throws, but those are very rare. Otherwise M.Bison would be able to do broken shit like CC throw into corner custom.

I don’t think it has to be a command grab.

I think you can activate CC, then do a normal grab as Rolento is getting up. It’s not that practical though, since you’re wasting meter with the grab and losing some of the initial CC hits to moves that might not do a lot of damage. It’s good pretty much only if you want to kill Rolento, and you’re sure this combo will do it.