CC with geese

Anyone have any good CC’s with Geese

ground: [s.close.fierce x2, c.fierce, s.far.roundhouse] x2, hcb.short xn risin storm

anti air: hcb.short (1 hit) c.fierce, whiff s.jab, SJ.forward x2, ant then some Sj.fierces and risin storm

i’ve got a combo that juggles them off the FP fireball…looks hella cool…you can see it on a vid on my 3rd combo video @

look for trick’s 3rd vid

aight this cc is pretty hard, but if u work on it i think u’ll be able to pull it out consistently. u can hit his close fierce like 7 times if u do it fast. there’s still a rythym to it, but u have to still do it fast. to be safe i just do close fierce x 6, far st.fierce, far st.rh, fierce x 2, hcb+short x n, raging storm. this shit does a chunk of damage.

to be safer u can just (close st.fierce x 4, far st.rh) x 2, hcb+short x n, raging storm.

in the corner, u can activate, cr.rh, f+fierce x 9, db.fierce x 2, ragning storm. the db is supposed to put u in a better position to do the input for raging storm.

aight well that’s it for now…

for style points

close s.HP x 4, c.HK, qcf+HP, roll (after 2nd reppuken goes down), (let 2nd reppuken hit) far s.HK x N (to corner), f+HP x N, raging storm

if you can’t get the first far s.HK to land just hold forward after the double reppuken, then u can just hold forward until the raging storm ;]

THAT sir, is fucking ill

Anti Blanka

if they blanka ball from affar when the blanka ball is close activate:

c.FK, close s.Fp, far, when u are close enough to the corner to land consistent F+FP’s do them, after the hit count gets to 9, (j.fp)x2 (4 hits) raising storm. (16 hits total)

This CC does about 8400 in damage, and it can also counter a level 3 blanka ball if they do it from far or mid distance.
It sometimes does 8600 depending how close u where to the corner when it started.

U can also use it as a anti air CC, been playin with geese for a cool minute, hope my CC’s help… :wink:

The timing on countering a blocked blanka ball into custom isnt too hard but will take some practice. (has nothing to do with the combo above):confused:


ps: if anyone has any q’s on A groove geese feel free to ask…