so I was random selecting characters and I got benimaru on my favourite groove A.

so I was messing around and it turned out ie can be a kick ass character.

so I started playing with A groove activateed it and found combos simalar to akuma’s

ground combo: hp hp hp hp hp… til corner mp lighting , hp lighting (repeat)
until end of the bar then special.

anti air: (some one jumps in) activate lp lighting, f mk (repeat til corner) hp lighting lp, hp ligthing, lp , lHp lightning, lp then special.

I found Beni to be a homosexual so my advice is to not play with him at all…

This forum is pretty wack, I know. 90% of the people here are all dickheads (myself included :lol: ). I found a lot of Benimaru stuff in this thread though.

a more damaging aacc is activate, dp+k, cancel it with lk, jump fierce x2 till corner, do some corner stuff, then punch super

Amen to that bro :stuck_out_tongue: