CCC Tourney - Guilty Gear Accent Core- Hartford, Ct - 11/02/07

ACT I (Accent Core Tournament I)

Date: November 2, 2007

Time: Registration starts at noon. Tournament starts at 1pm.


Capital Community College, 11th Floor Auditorium
950 Main St
Hartford, CT 06103

$10 registration fee. If you bring a PS2 and a copy of GGAC, the entry fee will be $5.
Make sure to come early.


-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3, Semis will be Best 3 out of 5, Finals will be Best 4 out of 7
-BYOC (Bring your own controller/stick)
-#Reloaded characters, Kliff and Justice are not allowed in tournament play.
-Use of EX, Gold and Shadow characters are not allowed in tournament play.
-Pausing during a round will result in that player losing that round.

We now have definite prizes. Here’s the breakdown:

1st: 60% of the pot
2nd: 30% of the pot
3rd: 10% of the pot

We will use not only the entrance fees for the pot, but also extra money we get for our club. The prizes will be given out in the form of Bank cards, since our sc

if they are bringing both ps2 AND gg… entry should be free.

i’ll come
bring ps2
bring AC


Changes have been made to Scheduling of turnament, and Prizes


There will now be cash prize.