CCC2 ST tutorial movies?

“The game also features almost 30 minutes of tutorial videos on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Special thanks to ST player NKI for his help performing moves and combos and in editing. The videos start by explaining and demonstrating the concept of controlling space, the central concept of Street Fighter. They go on to explain everything from how to perform a fireball to 2in1s, meaty attacks, reversals, and even advanced concepts like ?button up? reversals, ?piano? inputs, and safe jumps.”

umm care to share some more about what the movies will teach?


Great news!

Xbox version here I come.


Oh, I guess the secret is out! :wonder:

Sirlin summed it up pretty well. It is geared more towards beginner ST players, but there are also some advanced strats, like safe reversals, safe jumps, etc. Definitely worth checking out, even if you know ST pretty well. :smile:

P.S.: Because I know people will get confused and think I made the whole vid myself, I wanna clarify: Sirlin did all the planning and directing (and the voice-over!!), so all the credit for the vid goes to him. All I did was capture and edit the game footage.


On the topic of stuff that’s gonna be added, all the added stuff for ST sounds really good. I’m looking forward to this a whole bunch.

Oh, and the more modern Quiz N’ Dragons sounds like hella fun, too. Even the old one was kinda fun for parties (emulated and shit). But that’s a bit off topic, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, can’t wait to see this! Kudos to Dave Sirlin and NKI!


well if you feel something advanced but really cool and important is missing you can always make a “home made CCC2 ST toturial part 2” hint hint and maybe talk about sweet spots and spacing and moves that counter other moves.
cuz people watching match vids have a hard time understanding “why are zangief players always standing at a specific range near ryu and spam lariats?” or "why is guile always using f+mk vs ken at that specific range?"
maybe even analazing a match vid explaining what each player is trying to do and points where the battle changes (ex.can’t do any more fireball keepaway cuz the opponent got a super).
i don’t mean something like spoon feeding but something like making the player understand what to look for when he plays or watches a vid.
even if it’s a pain in the ass i think it should be done cuz:
1.for most people learning through a tutorial vid is easier and more fun than learning through written text.
2.that ST is not just an awesome game on its own but it’s also the best game make people understand 2d high level stuff. (while a great game, guilty gear for ex. really sucks if you wanna teach 2d noobs about spacing etc.)


Ok, this sucks. Capcom cancelled the PAL version of CCCv2. Now I’m hearing capcom is doing the same here in the U.S.

Does anyone know for certain it’s releasing here in the states? The Xbox version that is.


Capcom did cancel the Xbox PAL version, and I have no idea why. We are still releasing Xbox US, PS2 US, and PS2 Europe versions of CCC2.

I could not have made this videos happen without NKI’s work, great job man.



When is this coming out? Any chance for online play? Xbox Live?


Where is this vid?


On the game itself! :wink:


Thx a lot. This is the greatest news ever in a long time for me. NKI and Sirlin, you two are awesome.

Finally Arcade perfect.


Wow! That’s quite an achievement, congrats, I’d rep you if I could but I already repped you else where… I’ll make sure I buy the game… Just out of curiosity and this is probably the wrong place to ask but, when is CCC2 out in Europe?


Videos are up on Sirlin’s site, great stuff, although I think a few things could’ve been mentioned that weren’t, most notably blocking high/low in the beginner section, and tick throws in the intermediate section. Maybe juggles, too. Still, this is pretty much an unprecedented level of quality for a tutorial video.


so how much money did sirlin make off of this game? lol, or did you do it for the love?
Good stuff regardless…just curious.


these videos can be applied to a vast majority of fgs, at least the basics


Stop necroing old threads.