CCM #3: Spooky Beat downs October 31st


Halloween T6 Bash!
City Sound Media presents:
Spooky beat downs!
Club Relevant
929 Level Green Blvd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

4:30 Doors
5:00pm Tourny (starts on time!)
Venue fee: $10

Tekken 6: $10
Double Elimination
3 rounds best of 3 Matches

Street Fighter 4: $10
Double Elimination
2 rounds best of 3 Matches

MVC2: $5
Double Elminiation
Best of 3 Matches

Other games TBA day of event.

Costume Contest (winner gets $50)
Monster Movies
Live Music**


Beautiful. Is Smitty going to be playing music again? If so… I’ll bring my controller/mixer to get in on that. Oh… and Marvel only $5 ? Bump that up to $10 please… Keep it consistent. Oh… and this shit should be free.


Good work AFTF! im definitely hitting this up


I may finnaly be able to go to one of these!?


I’ll gladly bring my laptop again unless someone has a problem with it…




I’ll definitely be attending this.


I’ve played at club Relevant. An okay gig, but I think big enough to host this.


so that means you have confirmed?

cause… I confirm…

and i will be coming as chun li in her alpha getup…


I’d love to go to this, but I’ll be in Finland at the time (don’t ask). Sucks too, CCM2 was a pretty bitchin tournament and I’m sure this one will be great as well.


ya well bump…


me and chelsie might show up a little late


i should be there


I hope I can show up I missed the last 2.






I will be there. I told three of my Tekken playing friends from the office about this too. They will also be coming, as well.


what if the tourney runs long? are we gonna get kicked out like we did last time and finish it up at Blacks?


make sure they got lube they about to get butt raped in tekken


Probably won’t run over due to the lack of a Team tourney. Teams always seems to make stuff run longer.