CD Counter discussion


I’d like to see what people think of the CD Counter and how they could improve it in the next game.
Right now it’s quite unreliable (Some multi-hit moves go through it, it decides to whiff a lot, and a well-timed air attack can allow the attacker to block the counter and punish, intended or not)
It seems to increase turtling right now, too.

What do you think could fix these issues, besides removing it completely?


I don’t have any major problem with it, as for a well timed air attack it’s always been the case where you can block and punish.


Oh of course, I have intentionally done it a few times, but just playing XII a bit today I managed to block it unintentionally about 3 times in 15 rounds. (That’s probably due to it being far too easy to combo from an air attack into a ground, it’s made my air game really sloppy out of habit…)


How about they bring back old school CD counters instead, costing some amount of CC or super gauge to use. I’m not a fan of b+CD at all.


I think it should be left alone. No matter how you look at it, performing the CD attack should only be when the hit guaranteed, not on a whim. Because, if you miss, it can be punished. Hell, any move that misses can be punished.


I think it needs to use a quarter of the super meter. Some players use this way to frequently, and are not always punished for it. It’s not spam by any means, but a cool technique like that is better in moderation anyways. Some attacks are pretty easy to counter with this technique, I’d like to see the window reduced or it use some meter.

But if they keep it the way it is that’s not a total bummer either.


Can someone tell me what they think CD counter should be used for in the whole KoF series? IMO its used to stop your opponents momentum cuz thats how i use it. I could care less if they made the CD counter 0 dmg. Everyone has habits in games… if you can’t exploit them then its because you just aren’t thinking hard enough. [media=youtube]IGUENNcnsl8[/media] 3:20.
I set up that counter 8 secs before it happend. All i did was take his b+CD habit against him and made sure he was thinking that he could get me with it at that instant. Although, if you ask me, either of the CD counter systems work fine.


I will say one thing, parrying on defense will get you killed everytime.


please bring back old C+D counter system and 1 frame SAB…


take it away. worst addition introduced by KOF12, its just annoying and lame. alpha counter/dead angle instead please


I think it something that needs to get used to. Being a veteran to the likes of 2k2 and 98, I forget that it exists but try to use it strategically. Players that spam it would and should get punished and you have to rethink how you attack, because remember this isnt like older Kofs.


Very true. Most people do not even know that you can cancel after being parried in KOF XII either.