CE-ism... what is the best counter against it?

What’s the best counter (which -ism) against CE-ism other than CE-ism. You only need a few good solid hits to win a round.

If your serious on winning, not using CE-ism seems retarted. IMO. Although the other ISMs are fun, CE dominates, and it’s pretty fun also.

Unless theres infinites in other ISMs or some other great thing against CE, I don’t see CE-ism not being the best to use.

A1 characters comes to mind

depends on what CE character you’re fighting.

Blue S-Ism Ken comes to mind.

Parry FTW.

A2-ism, they can’t airblock so anti-air to kill their jump-in attack. If they want to get in a fireball fight just build up some meter then blow-thru their attack with a CC. But whatever groove you pick you have to play smart, remember that CE has an advantage on you and one mistake could be your downfall.

I feel that SF3-ISM and SFA2-ISM might have the best chance at beating CE-ISM, DS-ISM also has a good chance, too (not sure about A1, I haven’t played that game). To play CE-ISM you can’t afford to make any mistake or else you’ll be eating anywhere from 40-80% and being dizzied. SF3-ISM can help nullify the CE-ISM attack by parrying, and SFA2-ISM can use Alpha counters and Valle CC’s to blow through it.

First high-profile HSFA tourney has already banned CE-ism.


Parries are so flakey, I doubt you can consistantly parry and counter a CE-ISM opponent.

damn where was this?

^ hasn’t happened yet. It’s going down at evo, lots of big names.

check the evo forum


At first, CE-ism was allowed. After several people kept bitching about it they decided to ban it. The purpose of that tourney is just to give players an overall idea of the game, how different versions of the characters stand against each other, how to fight against the new isms, and so forth. It’s kind of dumb that they’re already banning stuff on the game’s first tourney.

its banned cuz its extremely obvious that ce ism is majorly broekn. you know its broken when you find infinites in the mode during the first day of playing, and are ridiculously easy to do. personally, i think none of the s-ism modes should be used. this game was meant to blend all the alpha games together, not add all these new modes that arent apart of the alpha series. but whatever

Well once you start banning one of the S-ism you need to start banning them all. Now it’s all about A1, A2, and DS-ism. How about not even playing the hsfa mode and just play what game you like and forget the hsfa mode. Blanka is asstacular in any ism besides ce-ism. I don’t even care about the damage. I like how his attacks have the correct priority and hit box unlike the joke blanka in A3. Crouching FP completely misses crouching characters. No cross up. Oh my bad, jumping FP is his crossup in A3. lame. CE was too strong, so ban that shit down. Now it’s all about A1, A2 IMO. Their normals and specials seems to have great priority in A1 and the CC’s are monster in A2. The best thing about banning CE-ism is A3 characters is playable now. I have a question. Will all of the fuck up glitches in every Alpha game be allowed in hsfa? Sodom’s unblockable, sagat’s unblockable, rose unblockable are going to be allowed in tournament play?

im sure l-ism throw bug will be not allowed. it never was back in a3’s heyday. as for sagat, rose, sodom, theyve(unblockables) never been banned, and are stoppable.

To be honest I wouldn’t even play the game if all the new ism’s were banned. I’ve never been into playing the alpha game competitively but I found the new ism’s (particularly p-groove) to be really fun. I understand why peeps would want a ‘pure’ alpha game but I think it would be far less interesting.

Where did you get that idea from? That’s like me saying I don’t want S, N and K-Groove in CvS2 because they’re not based on Capcom’s shit. Fair enough since SFAE Hyper has been the concept of blending a whole series, but it doesn’t mean the new Isms can’t be used.

Just because you’re not happy with the new Isms doesn’t mean they’re not meant to be there. It’s not as if they’re a glitch that just happens by doing some random bull shit, Capcom put them there… Obviously. They wrote the coding, coloured the super bars and even gave people new moves. Plus the fact they mentioned nothing of the game, before it’s release you didn’t even know it existed.

Are you a 3rd Strike or CvS2 player?

The “p-groove”-ism seems to me, as a 3S player, absolutely retarded. Considering you can down-parry everything that isn’t a literal overhead or jump attack. And over-heads in the Alpha series are generally really slow and obvious (like Sakura’s and Guy’s).

I mean, wake-up is no longer even a rock-paper-scissors thing. It’s been dumbed down even more to just rock-scissors. You either parry their attack, block, or you get thrown and tech the throw on reaction (which isn’t hard).

The act of parrying isn’t punishable and totally negates a lot of pressure games and rushdown. Throws are easy to tech and aside from the “slam” ones, they do little damage when teched.

I’m not saying it’s overpowered compared to the other -ism’s, but I just feel like it’s stupid. Like, really stupid.

I know you were making a general statement, but A1 Guy’s overhead was pretty damn quick.

CvS2 is my main game but I don’t use P-groove. I hear what your saying but the fact that the parry window is way shorter than 3s means they’re generally harder to do. So much so that on wake up, I could just slightly delay my attack and your parry would fail. Plus you can throw in insta jump overheads (although I’m not sure how many people have them in the alpha games)I also like the fact that it can get you out of unblockables and the whiff special xx super is really fun for mix-ups. I’m not championing the new grooves as they were clearly not extensively playtested. However I think a tourny that included them would be more interesting (for me at least) to watch and/or take part in

If people want a pure alpha game then fine but for someone like me who only plays the alpha games casually (mostly because of the awesome music) it would be pretty boring.

So why wouldn’t you just block, then? Push down and roll the stick back to low block. Either you parry or you block… The act of parrying isn’t punishable because there is no whiff animation.

But actually I don’t really want to get into this too deep, I just wanted to voice my opinion.