CE-ism... what is the best counter against it?

well… you could do that, my point was that the window is much shorter than 3s so you have less chance of parrying stuff. Like I said I’m not saying the new grooves are balanced or a great addition to the alpha series, they’re just fun.

OT I think the best counter will be V-ism and DS-ism. Because of customs/unblockables and push block/free AC’s respectively :slight_smile:

A1 characters should be able to handle them selves…

I think Mike-Z explained why the down parry works on everything. It’s also not something we haven’t seen before: You could do the same thing in NG. And it was REALLY retarded there, especially since the parry window was HUGE. Random QCF motions = 90% invincible!

As I said in one of the EVo threads, I thikn it’s a mistake to ban CE characters at this time. Let’s get a few tournament results down before we start banning stuff.

Banning the Saikyo 99% damage throws was more of a formality than a necessity. None of the glitched L-characters were any good. L-Karin could scrape by cause she’s still Karin, but even with the potential win button, she wasn’t going to win against a sufficiently good player.

Why does CE Sagat’s Dp have a knockdown? In CE his DP didn’t knock down and made doing the fierce version on a standing opponent practical suicide… They seemed to go to a lot of effort to make the CE guys like their real ce counterparts and that seems like a big thing to overlook… He didn’t get a guaranteed knockdown DP till turbo.

Uhm, Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut always knocked down.

Honestly, I find that CE chars have a really hard time dealing with V-Akuma(lol, what a surprise). But all in all, I agree with Sabre(even though he’s a total scrub lol…Sorry, Scott, it’s been too long since ive sent a random insult ur way), in that the S-isms just kinda seem like they weren’t tested enough. I mean, come on, Marvel-ism doesnt even effect half the cast in any way! They just dont seem like Capcom put any real thought into them, and they just threw them in cuz they got bored or something.

Maybe the international version was different? I loaded up the rom I have (US Rev A) for CE to make sure I wasnt high and remembering something that didnt happen and only jab TU’s have knockdown strong and fierce don’t?

For the CE version of Sagat in hsfa all his dps have knockdown, which is more in line with his turbo version than his CE versionat least for here in the US?

A1 Akuma should be pretty good at beating the CE characters. After all, he is a slightly watered down version of super turbo Akuma… Sure, he takes damage like a bitch, but his air fireballs are a good shield to keep you at bay. He does have thebenefit of chains and the standard shoto ground game, so I think he would be alright. If the CE chars get too close, do a blocked chain to a teleport to the other side of the screen–then they have to work their way past all those air fireballs again…

Nice strategy :slight_smile:

I guess it wouldnt work too well against some characters, but the majority should be pinned down rather well. They dont have air block, they take extra damage, and the air fireballs actually do significant stun and damage, so to me it seems like a viable strategy. They dont have dash either, so they cant dash under the fireballs, and Akuma’s air fireballs have great speed and range so that he can cover his butt quite well. As long as he stays out of the CE’s poking range, he will do very well. I I am not mistaken, his teleport is invincible all the way thru in this game, with very little delay after he finishes. Essentially, it is a runaway match for Akuma that in general they cant keep up with:)

I already said my piece about it in the Evo thread; I think CE isn’t overpowered in the least bit. It’s what X-ism should have been in A3.

I think any good V-ism character can match up well against CE characters. True, they would have to be more careful, but that’s the point.

after watching this video, doesn’t seem CE-ism isn’t that Overpowered…


You have a point, most of those combos don’t look terribly complicated but takes off 90-100% health. DS-Ism is just underrated, I mean … not only because of the ground/air chains, but free A/C’s too? Killer!

One weakness they have is no ground recovery. Nothing too bad, but it does leave them victim to certain things. I imagine Gief might wreck the ones without invincible reversals… and there’s the repeated OTG VCs, even ones that wouldn’t work in A3 because they can’t air recover to escape? This might be a big weakness?

But all the same. I still think they’re fucking stupid. lol.

Well shit, you’re right. I just checked it on my internation rev. of CE, and you’re right: Only LP Tiger Uppercut knocks down, the others don’t. I guess this is from years of using mainly jab TUs, only using fierce TU in combos. My apologies. :expressionless:

Wish I still had that arcade CE machine to check it out with.

Haha I lost many matches trying to show off by finishing with a fierce TU and not doing enough damage, then eating a fat combo for a loss… literally when turbo came out it was the first thing I tried on my first quarter. Everyone was like CHUN FIREBALL WHOOHOO :encore: and I was like TIGER UPPERCUTS ALL KNOCK DOWN NOW!!! (silence) :shake: not a lot of Sagat players in Austin way back then…

CE IS UNSTOPPable. The sooner we relize this the better

You know, I was a big supporter of not banning anything without a solid, tangible reason…

But the post above this one just totally wrecked any argument I had, it was the most well thought out post I’ve seen EVER.

^ do you have any suggestions to stop CE ? To stop the game from becoming CE-Fighter? Is there anyone who dominates against CE-ism?

I’m serious.

Obviously, to stop CE, you have to not get hit… meaning, AT ALL. In normal (non-CE) play, people get hit by random pokes and stuff. If this happens against CE, you pretty much lose. Nevermind if they find an opening.

Are there characters that can play hardcore keepaway and avoid the CE characters? Is there anyone who can exploit a CE weakness and dish out monster damage and runaway to build meter to do it again? Or, is there anyone who can lockdown the CE characters?

The risk/reward just seems to be so much in their favor. I would love to find a reliable counter to CE Sagat.

I still think A1 Akuma is a very viable choice, but you have to be on your game since you cant afford to be hit…

A1 Rose would be great against the fireball chars since she really nullifies the fireball trap/headgmes they might make. Against others, I am not sure:(