Cedar Rapids , IA - Wheres the Scene?

Ok, I play alot of SSF4 but its starting to get boring just me and my two friends. Looking for a scene if there is one out here. something like casuals or something. i also play other fighters but mainly focus on street fighter. Also something close like no more than 20 -30 minuets driving, not trying to go to iowa city to play some games :wasted:. anyway, let me know whats up

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Kansas City - 12/17/2011

Already an Iowa thread. SSF4 doesn’t really have a scene in Cedar Rapids. Des Moines, Iowa City, and Dubuque are the only spots on this side of Iowa where anyone plays that or MVC3. Cedar Rapids has (had?) a really strong Tekken scene once upon a time but only a couple people still play that and MK9 there.

All that said, there ARE monthly tournaments in Cedar Rapids for MVC3, SSF4AE, Tekken 6 and MK9 that usually get anywhere from 12 to 30+. The exception being this month, but that’s because Xiang, the guy who runs the monthly tourneys, is putting on a much larger tournament (called M.O.K.) in Cedar Rapids, thread here:

Hope to see ya at M.O.K. and future Cedar Rapids monthlies.


Stream will be provided by Zexerous and Nova. All games being played on 360 will have a dedicated stream station. Please RSVP on the Facebook Event too so i will have numbers to work with THANKS! pay out is determined by participants top 3 is guaranteed http://www.facebook.com/events/354541534565147/