Celebrate our Blanka Hero - FAX!

This news is great for all our Blanka players!!
2D God Kintaro
Mago (SG)
Nemo (CH)
Kindevu (RU)
Dashio (VI)
Kyokukendo (DIC)

Sakamoto Shosa Wa Ore ga Mamoru
Mahoshojo Zangitan (ZA)
FAX Gimoto (BL)
Darui (DH)
Yuru (RY)
Sakamoto Shosa (SG)

???(Darui)??? (Kyokukendo)
???(Darui)??? (Dashio)
??? (Kindevu)
??? (Mago)
??? (Nemo)
(thx for the Fixed!)

FAX BLanka beat 4 guys on Mago’s team… WOOO~~~
Time for Party !! Don’t give up on Green Guy!!

I was going to post that, but you were faster than me.

Yeah, it was pretty surprising. And I just recently started playing with him again. Not that I expect myself to play on that guy’s level, but it’s slightly reassuring to see good Blanka players getting places.

I would love to see how FAX handled Mago. I noticed Mizoteru didn’t use Amazon slide against Ojisan Boi (?) in the God’s Garden Tournament. OJB also made extensive use of lk tigershot, to counter the slide, perhaps?

The Blanka/Sagat matchup seems to have changed recently…

Damn, good job to him, can’t wait to watch him play.

I haven’t played any other character seriously besides Blanka, and I don’t plan on changing.

Vidsssss… I wanna see how he plays.


That is shocking…Would love to see how Fax beat Mago…

I think it’s not Dashio, but Uryo, the Viper who lost against Mago in godsgarden tournament’s grand finals last week.

Definitely need to see the video of FAX beating Mago!

Tiger, coward crouch, Tiger, coward crouch,Tiger, coward crouch, Tiger, coward crouch…until Mago falls asleep, then FAX wins by hitting him once before the clock says “timeover”. Repeat.

There, you saw the game.

Awesome. Blanka still has staying power, it’s just about thinking two steps ahead instead of one. I must see these videos, i learned an assload of little things here and there from Mizoteru’s playstyle, would love to see this guy.

cant wait for the vids. Good to see Blankas competing at that high level.

Yup, probably will be very similar to that. I am curious to see, though.

its a bit premature to base a characters worth on one win vs mago especially when we haven’t seen the match. For all you know he did random ultra x2 and got lucky. saying that, i’m looking forward to the vids too :slight_smile:

Correct good sir, uryo was the viper that lost in grand finals.

:sad: Someone is bitter:tdown:

Like I said folks it can be done so lets stop all the BitchAzzNess with the match-up blues(Sagat/Balrog ect,ect) and man up:looney:

In the future WHEN and I do mean WHEN Blanka moves up the Tier list all of the Blankas that left to main another character the locks will be changed:lovin:

anyone got the links to the vids?


i’m not bitter, i’m still on the blanka train and always will be… but i know that blanka doesn’t win the matchup without a smattering of luck and never will.

Can’t wait for the vids as well! So after the bite he just does the ultra and kills him with chip damage or what?

FYI Mullah: According to a post in the Sabin thread, FAX did the neutral throw -> ambiguous ultra in both rounds (while down) to win each round…:looney: