Celebrities as CVS2 Chaacters

Hi, since I keep getting “illegal operations” (internet automatically quits) everytime I post at home, I’m going to post it here at school._ So anyway, I started this summer._ If you want to see it, you better hurry because my account on picture trail is temporary. So what do you think?

This is a costume party type-thing and not a CVS2 movie thing.__ Here it is. Tell me which ones fit or don’t fit, I’d like to hear.__ (All the characters including Bosses are here.__ And AKuma for example, I did two seperate people as the regular one and as the Shin one.)__ Here it is:


thats shit is so funny. i cant believe you wasted your time doing all those!

Awesome work, that was a good laugh, especially the Dawson Creek crew as the Shotos:lol:

Ellen as King has to be the best one, that fits so perfectly that it’s scary.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I laughed at Justin Timberlake. That was comic genius.

aaaaaack !! COUGH COUGH !! HUAAGH !!! * ASTMAH *

I was curious of who’d u pick to portray as blanka and then WAM! Seth Green :lol: Clever lil’ bitch…