Celebrities you (literally) hate


When most of you say you hate X famous person, that doesn’t go past the internet. You might say some shit, but that’s to be funny, or be hyperbolic.

Not with these people, though. These are people where the type of hate you’d display on the internet for them is almost exactly what you’d display if you saw them right in front of you. Provided you could get away with that, at least. I know most of us couldn’t hurt a taco. Anyway, you have zero respect for this entertainer/athlete/whatever. If they’re involved in something, you stay away from it. That kind of hate. It’s not a game.

I don’t truly hate celebrities often, as I tend not to care about their affairs. However, I think I have the weirdest new entry into my list yet: Seal. “Kiss From a Rose”. That dude. The reason why is petty, but it still matters to me: he told some girl on The Voice that if she really wanted to be a singer, there should be no backup plan. This girl was in college to be an environmental engineer. I heard she dropped out and hasn’t been able to go back or get her musical career cracking. I could feel a switch click in my head that said “fuck this dude” after hearing him say that. I know it’s a bit petty, compared to what other entertainers are doing, but meh.

Only other person on the list for me is Chris Brown at the moment. How about you?


adam sandler and tyler perry

both make really shitty movies


Philip Rivers (Chargers QB): The biggest tool in the NFL by far. He’s toned it down over the past few years but he was a major dick bag his first few years in the league and the hate I have for him just never died down.

Nicki Minaj: nobody needs a reality check like this bitch does. You’re not the baddest bitch on the planet by far.

Ashton Kutcher: how a lame like him got a fine ass broad like demi moore, I will never know.

The whole Kardashian family: Just go away please. You made your millions off TV now just go into hiding or some shit. We’re tired of seeing you in the news every day.

Amber Rose: every time I look at that bald ass head attached to that perfect body, I instantly get pissed off.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I can think of right now.


Adam Sandler - I never found this guy funny and what is even more infuriating is that he can actually play serious roles rather well. Too bad 95% of his movies are shit “comedies.”

LL Cool J - I can’t strand this motherfucker, he pretty much ruins every movie/episode he’s in. Some are shit anyway, but the ones I would have normally enjoyed I simply cannot due to him.

Kevin James - Soft, unfunny, physical comedy at it’s worst.


Whats so hard about just ignoring these strangers you dont know?


I can’t really hate any celebrities when I don’t watch shit that I don’t like in the first place…


When they sleaze their way into things I generally like and where they don’t belong it’s quite irritating. Guest host roles, small cameos in movies/shows, etc.


Anyone that became a celebrity without having a single strain of talent.



Pretty much any “reality” tv star, really. I don’t watch any, but people at work can’t stop talking about so and so and what they did to so and so.


Miley Cyrus - attention whore that always tries to shock the world by doing something dumber and dumber

Kardashians - already explained in previous posts


I really can’t hate anyone who has no impact on my life, all I can do is lol and keep it moving


Tyler Perry and Rif Raf


Other than naming specific celebs I hate, I will flat out say I hate how cable news has become Entertainment Tonight and half the broadcast is about the Kardashians or some other bullshit that no one should care about. I only listen to NPR or watch BBC to escape the circus that is American news. Most of the celebs I hate are people that are getting a stage in the national news or getting an interview about how their perspective is so wise and so relevant to working class Americans. I remember there was a celebrity talking about how a woman can have a baby all on her own. Bitch you got nannies, personal assistants, a publicist, and a driver, the what fuck do you do everyday?


Tom Kenny. I wouldn’t say literally hate but his voice is so damn annoying.


All of them.
I spend roughly 3 to 22 hours a day writing threatening letters to people I’ve heard of somehow.


will ferral, vince vaughn, ben stiller, steve carrell, owen wilson, and any other wankers that roll with that crew

Not funny, make shitty movies, almost make adam sandler look good, fuck i’d rather watch shazzam than any movie these tossers are in


i dont hate anyone thats not positive bruh what if they hated you?

“I hate [srk member name here] for posting garbage on the internet and being bad at fighting games”
"omg yeah i mean go away already you suck at life you have no car and live at your moms"
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Dont care for the 49ers, especially for Kaeprdick, their coach & mediocre WR Crabtree. Their fans i hate more but they aren’t celebrities.

My most hated athlete though is Kobe Bryant, fuck that rapist!

The guy i truly truly hate the most would be David Stern the ex commissioner of the NBA. Fuck that guy, i would throw a party if he was found raped & then beaten to death in some alley in Oklahoma; lying dead next to him Clay Bennett. I would celebrate that day for the rest of my life until we get the Sonics back.




exactly. i dont hate anyone


None. I dont know a single Celebrity so how can I possibly hate any of them?