Celebrity posters?


Just a quick question people, but how many actual celebs do you think actually post on this site. I mean REAL celebrities, not just idiots with overblown egos or guys that get paid to stand next to Snoop Lion. Do you think we have had a few these past couple of years and never known it?

If we do I wonder what kind of screennames they have.


Whatever happened to SRK poster Don Knotts…


I confess, I’m really Nic Cage.

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i remember asking this question many moons ago, and was pointed to that Bulldozer poker guy, and some random dude who played in the NFL


I think the closest we had was one of regulars here did the voice of Robbie in that dinosuar sitcom.


You mean this guy?

Why is that the only site with his picture on it?

It would have been cooler if Michael Rapaport posted on here.


Eliver Ling (killerkai) sometimes posts here, and he’s done some stuff


he left because he couldn’t tolerate the wave of idiot poster joining srk over the last 3yrs.


he played for the titans…he was a gouken player…and shocked the hell out of us when he came to our tourney in georgia…he said he was there for training camp I think…


I thought celebrities were idiots with overblown egos?..:looney:


what was up with him?


He was in the Real World…or Road Rules.
I forget.


UHM, HELLO :coffee:


Fuck your youtube series, its ruining the “FGC”!!

09 ish, someone around here was like, “I’m really close to TrakStar and Pharrell, so if I could get him to come out to EVO would you guys like that?”

And 3 years later of course that never happened. EVO got T-Double to perform though? Famous for GIGATON PUNCH on youtube.


Please don’t defile Nicholas Cage’s name with that terribleness…


I don’t think he looks like nic cage but more like the Kroeger Nickleback dude, but I guess other people think he’s close to Nick Cage. HAV said it once when running down what’s wrong with fighting games now. “If you sorta look like nic cage or people think you do, you’re the shit”


Hevad Khan was the poker player. I believe he posted under the name RainKhan.