Cell Phone: Nokia n73

Ok, after researching damn near every part of the net, SRK is my last resort.

I’m sure some of you have heard of this: while updating my phone, screen goes blank, only to come back on black… and nothing else.

I still have no idea why this pos did that to me. I had the phone fully charged, USB connected, sitting away from me so I wouldn’t “accidentally” bump it… even though it would take you pulling the shit out of the usb to get it off.

So after searching, the conclusion I made was that I’m screwed and have to refer to Nokia to have any chance of repairing it. And no, I don’t have waranty. I bought it from some dude on another forum in great condition, but it came from Japan.

I’ve accepted the fact that I’m fucked, but there’s always a little hope… in the form of SRK.


there’s probably a way, but u gotta get some ultra g33kozoid to do it for you. Some work needs to be done to restore firmware. Since its got a usb port or any other port there’s always a chance since you can hook it up to a pc and use some sort of cmd prompt on it. There’s probably a guide out there showing step by step instructions on how exactly to do it. I recommend searching the net for tech forms like anandtech. They have a great forum with knowledgeable ppl there. 8/10 i get answers. If no one is able to help you, be sure to ask on where they can point you in the right direction to get help on restoring your n73. GL

At this point, you can seem hack it. Its a little complicated and of dubuis legality, search google, and check cell phone forums. You should be able to revive it, granted this voids any warranties. Basically “Seem editing” is having full control of the phone, just like a cell phone company would, including full hard resets etc.

Yea I was thinking, since it is sort of like a little pc, and has usb, SOMEONE would know how to do something with it.

I haven’t searched what you guys are talking about, so let me do that now. At this point I’ll try anything, I have no waranty and the only thing I can use it for now is a weak flashlight.

Thanks for the replies guys.

sup kakarotte…i had the same problem before with my n70 but i was actually in philippines when it happened and it said i had a virus, so you might’ve caught a virus but i’m not too sure…does it freeze alot when you’re not updating?

No, I was in the process of updating the software and the phone shut off and disconnected from the computer. Which is normal during installation, it just never came back on even after saying the update was done.

Now all I get is a black screen when I turn it on. POS. I have friend that works at a cell phone store though, so I’m gonna try to get it rebooted.

So much unnecessary hassle.


hmmm have you tried taking the battery out for 30 secs while unplugged? then turning it on? you also might want to try howardforums.

it seems your firmware is deleted and was not replaced during the update.

if you only lived here in the philippines, fixing that phone would only cost you about 5 bucks, there’s a lot of cellphone technicians that are great in fixing that phone since nokia is the phone of choice here but that’s out of topic.

anyway, try to google that, i’m sure you’ll find something to fix that. there’s still hope.