Cell phone WP request/Sharingan

Is there anybody out there who can either find me or make a small sized Sharingan wallpaper for my cell phone. Since I am sure that the majority of people here know what Naruto is I don’t think I need to explain just exactly what the Sharingan is.

If not, let me provide a link with explanations.


If at all possible, I want the only colors to be black and red. I don’t want a pic of the eye per say but more like a picture of the Sharingan symbol. I just think it would make a great cellphone wall paper. I have an all black cell (Samsung a900 or Blade) and I think it would look nice.

Mangeky? Sharingan wall papers are also welcome but I would prefer the regular ol fashioned if, yet again, at all possible.

P.S. Is there a cellphone wallpaper thread? If so I apologize.

P.S.S. I wonder if my cellphone can manage animated WPs… Cause an evolving Sharingan WP would be the illest of the ill.

P.S.S.S. I know it. I am a dork.

I’d make it, if I knew what the size dimensions were. (which I don’t) :frowning:

the screensize for the a900 is 240x320.

cool, I’ll work on it

oh shyt son!!1 i got teh same phone and im currently on it! aye, can we make this thread an official cell phone wallpaper request thread? i have a request bt no material yet so, yea.

Was thinking the same thing. I have a pic of the Ace of spades as my cell phone which I took from the Internet. Soon as I did that I immediately thought of custom made wallpapers.

This is what we need. I was thinking that same thing a while back. Maybe we can have a standard format like
Cell Phone Dimensions (if you don’t know just let us know the model we can google that ish)
Character, Color, etc.

And since we would have bigger dimensions to work with some things can be too good.
Also, for super picky (aka me) let us know where the standard “banner” is placed so the main part of the wallpaper wont lose its focus because “Verizon Wireless” is placed on the upper left.

I made a gif and a jpg version. I didn’t know what format was preferred

ug, now that I’m seeing it shrunken down from what I was used to seeing in Photoshop, I’m starting to not like the way it turned out. I might go back and tweak it some…

good shyt, psycho.

im waiting till after friday before i make a request and it wont be directed to PS, rather, anyone who would like to pick up my request so untill then…

I like it but it is to large. Could you make it (or whatever version you are working on) half the size.

Filesize, or dimension size? Because if it’s not supposed to be 240x320, what type of cellphone are you using?

ok, got a request finally.

i would like a “negro install” one done check the attachment

just animate sol with those two spites. BG? i’m not to sure. to whoever takes up on this request, it actually can be a very basic bg. just an all black bg. nothin to special. 240x320 sounds about right. if you want to add a “Negro Install” title to it then that’s coo’ just put it like below sol’s knee’s or somethin’. thankx in advance.

just so yaw know…

thankx again, dood. i almost pointed out that you forgot a “L” in “Install” but i was viewing this from my phone before i saved it, lol, dood.

:rofl: Actually, looked at it again and thought… “This needs more flames… MORE!!!” so I jazzed it up just a little more:



^^^heh, you just complicated things, lol!

which should i pick, dood!? my brain cant handle teh pressures, dood!

:rofl: We’ll let the people vote! :wasted: Ah wait that seem too troublesome. I dunno, I like the 2nd one better more flames equal more pump-a-tude… and more pump-a-tude equals more pimp-a-tude… dood!

cool so this is offically a Cellphone wallpaper Thread? i also have a samsung A900 some one hook me up with nice wallpaper with Amuro Namie :slight_smile:

^^^or just find a pic of her and email the pic to your phone…that’s the easy way, but seriously, what do you want done to the pic? be more detailed about your request. also, this thread is not just for that one cool sprint phone that everybody has now. it can be for any phone but you have to give the WP maker the dimensions.

yea juss that i like this pic http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v511/wassabbi/untitled.jpg
but dont like the Background so i was wondering if neone could edit it. nothing special i want maybe something with light blue…