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Might as well put it here. . .


I made a fairly easy 5.2k meterless meter positive corner to corner combo with Cell (Tien assist)


2M, M, j.M, j.L, j.L, 2H, SD, j.L, J.M, JC j.L, J.M, j.L, 214L, Tien assist (right before the elbow), 236M, 236 L+M

If you don’t want to use this to generate meter, you can also do ~ 4.4k by ending with 236M or a dragon rush for the kickback


Basic Cell OS in the corner


That’s some good stuff @BallTapper


Inputs for optimized ki wave corner loop?


Use LL instead of LM, though I’m not sure if LM doesn’t work. Also if you have too many hits on the ground you can only get 3 loops

Hit confirm > j.LL > d.j > j.LL > j.S > 214L(ASAP) > j.LL > j.S > SuperDash > j.LL > S > 214L(ASAP) > j.LL > S > 236M (hard knockdown)

If you get a hit confirm for example, 2LL, then you have two options; Do 236M after the 3rd S (Ki wave) in the combo for hard knockdown or remove the last part ( > S > 236M) and do j.LL > 236L/H or 214L/M/H

Just remember, anytime you use too many hits on the ground you have to remove the 4th loop.


Yeah I was just messing with it and found out myself.

There is an alternate version that does about 51%, but it’s a bit tougher and timing is tighter so idk if it’s worth it.

Anyway here is my contribution to Cell’s meta when it comes to combo optimization.

Mid screen BnB utilizing ki wave. I was a bit worried about Cell’s mid screen damage, but with some small tweaks he gets high tier damage even at mid screen.

2M,5M > jump cancel > j.MLL > jump cancel > j.MLL, 2H > super dash > j.LLS > 236M

Huge screen carry thanks to ki wave, leaves opponent grounded for oki set-ups and does great damage for no meter. Does 4232 damage i.e 42%.

Fucking nasty.

Timing has to be on point so you can get the proper height otherwise the 236 M will whiff.

I have been testing it and it seems to work on most of the cast except shorties like Kid buu, but if you cannot hit the 236M just substitute with an aerial 2M. Ends the combo with Cell’s unique teleport attack and will do 41% instead of 42%. The timing is a bit trickier however.

For shorties drop the j.LLS > 236M and end with j.LML > 214L/M. This ender will do 40%. Or do j.LL > 214L/M for 39% if that extra jump attack timing is too tough.


So I don’t know if this information is video worth, if it is I’ll make a video of it but Cell has some mix-up potential when it comes to IAD, IAS (Instant Air Special), 2S and his ability to cancel them into j.2M

  • Whether on block or hit you can cancel sparking blast from j.2M for damage

*As soon as your opponent blocks a IAS you can immediately do another special or j.2M

*Same goes for 2S, but only useful for j.2M (imo)

Combine this with assist and this could be some great stuff


For people well versed with using Cell, I think it would be cool to go through some assist pairings that work well with him… ones that especially take advantage of his j214H follow-ups.

6-Bar TOD combo with Vegeta + beam assist (SSJ Goku/Goku Black/etc.):

Will go over the hard parts about the combo.

  1. 5M, j214H “0:04 Requires good precision in jump cancel → instant special”
  2. j214H, Assist (Beam) “0:06 Just mash assist the moment the final SQUEEZE comes in, when the screen shakes. You will have the assist always timed properly here”
  3. jS, j236M, Assist (Vegeta), 236LM "0:11 Arguably the hardest part of the combo. The Vegeta assist has to be called out the moment Cell lifts his arm for the final strike (BEFORE the camera zooms in), and the 236LM super has to cancel the moment anytime during the zoom in appears. The timing of the Vegeta assist is the most crucial and hardest part in this combo, as it can let the follow-up combo drop no matter how accurate you are.)
  4. 214L (3rd-hit) xx 236LM, Sparking Blast "0:18 Carries a big risk if missed as you will waste Sparking Blast… so this is also crucial to land. Landing the Sparking Blast is pretty tight in itself, so it’s difficult especially if you are doing the manual L+M+H+S. Consider button binding Sparking Blast?)

Note: If you are not already aware… HOLD L+M (throw) to get the most damage. Releasing early or even mashing L+M may not provide optimal results. In the video, the SSJ Goku DHC cancel is unnecessary, as Vegeta’s DHC super alone would be perfectly enough to end with a TOD.


Reset concept involving j.2M


Saw Tatsu doing j.S in combos outside the corner. It’s pretty damn easy. I’m not sure who it does and doesn’t work on, but he did say it works on most of the cast.

After practicing it for a few minutes I learned there are multiple ways you can do it. The one that worked best for me was j.L > Long Delay >j.L > d.j > j.L > Slight Delay >j.L > j.S > Super Dash > etc.


What’s the notation for " d.j " ?


double jump/u,u




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