Cell Thread - Utter Perfection


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(Jump OS) Hit confirming 2M5M blockstring



These are my solo combos so far with Cell. Notations are included as always, no assists to leave room for experiments with your own personal teams and the Super Meter is at 1 to show meter gain/usage. Hope this helps anyone who’s been looking for more combos with notations, etc or maybe helps spark an idea for something new. As a lot of us know by now Cell is a BEAST! Took me some getting use to for the timing on those corner combos but practice and it’ll come to you sooner or later. Have fun!


That dialupsuccy cell combo video is fkn amazing


Great stuff


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Character Specific Combo

Works on 18/16/Nappa/Hit/Piccolo/Ginyu
Is it optimal? I would guess not, but its cool it exists
Edit: I didnt test if it works on 21 because Im not wasting my time unlocking that whack slut


Can somone explain to me why the pro end most of their cell universal combo (the one with jdH) by doing the jS jdM vanish. And not the jS qcfM wich well doesnt use 1 meter, put the opp into hard knockdown and deal the same damage ?

At first i thought it was for better corner carry but i saw it used even on non-corner carry at FR.


j214L oki afterward is pretty good.

Outside that, not sure. I usually avoid it since I never got into getting used to the timing to avoid the chance of it whiffing to the other side of the opponent.


oh timing is easy.

you need to […] 2M5M jL jM j2H Superdash jLjM jump cancel jL jM jH jS 236M. Just dont use autocombo and everyone is at right height. first part can also be just jM vs midgets. and 236M will always connect.


Yeah I usually go for the 236M ender in the corner as well, I use Cell point though so I want him to generate meter for my team.



On Adult Gohan I’m getting inconsistent results. If delayed properly it will work, but when in tight situations… it’s a really scary situation on whiff.

Also the damage I’m getting is actually lower than the VA variation that I currently am doing (it’s different from the ones on stream, as this one seems to be more optimal).

So with the current combos you gave (the notation underneath is the VA variation combo with 236L ender), these were my results… assuming we just use 9jL-jM for the starting string before any use of jS:

ANYWHERE; jS xx 236M [last hit] xx 236LM

  • 2M-5M (jc) 9jL-jM-2H, SD, jL-jM (jc) 9jL-jM-jH-jS (slight delay) j236M xx 236LM
    TOTAL: 5015

ANYWHERE; Vanish Attack variation

  • 2M-5M (jc) 9jL-jM-2H, SD, jL-jM (jc) 9jL-jM-jH-jS xx 2M xx VA, (run) 2M-5M (jc) 9jL-4jL-jM (jc) 9jL-jL xx 236L
    TOTAL: 5137~5152 (depending on height in the j236L ender)

…and this was my result using j9M-jL-jL (jc) j9M-jL-jL as a starting jump cancel (top notation is your example, below is the VA example), just to provide more optimal damage. For consistency purposes, the ending portion of the combo does not have 9jM after VA due to hit stun deterioration/decay. I also considered this done purely in the corner to show that even with the more optimal jumping attacks (before the use of jS)… it still does little damage compared to the VA variation

CORNER; jS xx 236M [last hit] xx 236LM

  • 2M-5M (jc) 9jM-jL-jL (jc) 9jM-jL-jL-j2H, SD, jL-jL-jL-jS xx 236M xx 236L+M
    TOTAL: 5092 damage

ANYWHERE; Vanish Attack variation

  • 2M-5M (jc) 9jM-jL-jL (jc) 9jM-jL-jL-j2H, SD, jL-jL-jL-jS xx 2M xx VA, (run) 2M-5M (jc) 9jL-4jL-jM (jc) 9jL-jL xx 236L
    TOTAL: 5182~5202 damage (depending on height in the j236L ender)

As a side note… The most bottom notation (one that does 5182~5202 damage) is the one I use as a staple bnb… the only exception outside of Sparking cancels, is that I would remove entirely the last jump cancel section and substitute with “xx 214L” for oki purposes, with a total damage of 4977.

TLDR: Vanish Attack variation is more optimal to use compared to the jS xx 236M xx 236LM ender.


236M ender doesnt cost meter and can combo where jS j2M would fall out due to the time limit !
On that spirit, with my durpy meta team of A16/Cell/Vegeta i tried a simple double assist relaunch loop corner, after seeing leffen on stream using a japanese dude A21 ToD with 0bar xD.

It carry from anywhere and it work kinda well, does 6k meterless, 6.7 with one bar. And if you are willing to burn sparking for double super into DHC madness you get a ToD if you started with 4.1 bar

it’s 2M5M jM jLL 236L A16assist, jLL jM 236L vegeta assist, 5M jLjM j2H jLjM jLjM jH jS 236M (lvl1, sparking DR lvl 1, DHC A16, final flash.).
Basic as shit but deal pretty nice damage. cutting jL basically allow most of the cast to get double assist relaunch i’m sure it was posted before but i since i didnt see that exact variation, putting it out there for anyone that wanna have some ToD funstuff.


What’s the starting combo? 2M-5M starter or even an IAD starter gives you enough meter to do it and in most cases gets the combo to land… don’t recall time limit (hit stun decay) ever being an issue with the only exception being if Cell were to air to air jLL2H (which is “fixable” by double jLL jLL after SD… avoid doing double jumps before the SD, do it after), however the question of concern did not involve air to airs, just a typical ground starting BnB.

You’re right that it’s better for meter conservative purposes otherwise. Oki and damage is probably more preferred with the other method… but I think a reason why I haven’t considered doing it is primarily for oki, and that meter somewhat already builds fast in this game.

That ToD combo (midscreen variation, not the corner) though, I really want to learn that though. Oh btw just realized we use the same team if that’s your main (A16/Cell/Vegeta).

With 2M5M xx Sparking… I can manage about 9700~9800 damage. Just trying to look ways to land it without using 6H.


Well i the combo i posted, it’s 10017 damage with the sparking + DHC, are you doing the exact notation? because adding jabs will make it scale less.
. And if you try to end with jHjSj2M j2M wont connect but 236M will. there is no variation btw. That combo work anywhere, from corner to corner to…well corner xD. Because, anywhere you’ll do it, it end with opp in the corner. So i dont know what you are talking about with the “midscreen variation” oO

The notation i posted are to me the “easier”. but if you substitute the first jLL with jM the timing is less strict on the end. The timing is only “tricky” on the last part if you are doing it absolute corner to corner.
The “hardest” part of this combo is landing that sparking.

Anyway, we are both using the “stronk” team xD.

small edit : it deal 10002 dmg on small char. and you have to DHC as fast as possible xD.


I was actually thinking about the GO1 variation which just requires Vegeta as assist, kind of works for 2M-5M as well (but isn’t a TOD, really close to it though). Wanted to add that the Cell Vegeta GO1 ToD causes the 214L xx lvl1 super to whiff on certain characters: Krillin, T.Gohan, K.Buu, Beerus, Broly… (incomplete, did not test everyone*) In this case, substitute 214L with 214M and when Cell teleports back to the ground (crosses over the opponent, reverse controls), perform the supers there.

Made a video for those, including your followup. I couldn’t get a ToD without the use of starter 6H for the GO1 ToD variation though (using 2M5M starter):


Yeah that one only need 1 assist but need 2DHC. And doesnt work vs opp too close to the corner. Also i think you need to start with at least 5 meter for it to work…and mostly it’s not a ToD for our team TT. Final Flash is one of the lowest damage lvl 3. Go1 kill with DHC into big bang attack, into family kamehameha :confused:
You can squeeze a bit more damage and maybe get the ToD if you spark right after 2M and cut some jL where you can.

Nice in your vid to use 214S instead of DR does it deal more damage?