Cellphone app idea

i posted this in general discussion. i guess its better off here? i dont know

considering how hard it is to find a decent arcade or even a place w/ a street fighter cab(or any other game) in it, i thought maybe it would be a cool idea to make an android/iphone app that works sort of like foursquare or yelp or something
you run it and it finds your location based on gps and shows a map with street fighter cabs(could have a game filter for other games) marked on the map. as far as i know there isn’t really a database of this info online already so it’d have to be user driven. you could open the app when you’re near a cab and add it(like how four square works) and put the address and game title etc
eventually if people used it we’d get a pretty good map of arcades and we could have a comment system for people to mark if arcades go out of business etc and a way to flag them as gone

does something like this exist already?
would anyone be willing to actually help or use this?
i’ve been meaning to play around with android development and i think this would be a pretty awesome first project to take on

This would be dope. I remember on DDRFREAK there was a machine finder. It relies heavily on the community. Ive seen some searches and what not, but nothing specific.

It shouldnt be hard at all. For example theres a MVC2 machine at my local laundrymat, no one had ever spoken to me about. 1p side is broken. Good luck though.

yes, exactly! the mvc2 cab at a laundromat is exactly the kind of thing i mean
i think a lot of people would find this useful. i know i would
i need to learn a bit before i can make this actually work haha, but i think it could work well if word got out and people actually marked cabs around the country

Yeah. This would help and potentially bring business to dying arcades or even dying businesses. You can supply those merchants with customers. If not an app, but a website detailing the same thing.

yeah that’s hwy i wasn’t sure if a website already existed. but if it was a phone app (could be a website too) when you found a place you could immediately tag it on the map and the phone’s gps would have the exact location, instead of trying to remember to do it when you got home.

Website would be better. No sense restricting yourself to a phone or platform given how diverse it is out there. Couple that with the fact that places with cabinets need all the help they can get…and you’ve got yourself a need for a website that’s as accessible as possible.

well, an arcade listing/repository is one of the things you have to know about in a forum or community… an app might make life easier.

An app on the itunes store, or android shop would be kinda cool, the community tends to be up on tech and have the phones in question…

Go for it !

Exactly. If the app turns into a featured app, or even just travels with word of mouth it could give a larger exposure then you could get from a website. Don’t doubt the power of social trends and hipsters. Yuppies love Yelp. You give them a platform to praise/trash arcades and they will be all over it.

Habbler, you are correct there. HA. I say go to the website or even start a thread on SRK for one, if there isnt one already.