Cellphone plan questions

Okay I have a SIDEKICK LX phone but I’m getting tired of it. My friend is selling me his TMOBILE Dash for $50 which is super cheap for its condition. Anyway I have the Internet plan with my sidekick also a text plan. I was wondering if I changed the sim to the Tmobile Dash phone can I use my net and txt plan with it no problems? Any help is appreciated

I work in the cell phone industry, though not with t-mobile, so YMMV

your plan is tied to your sim card. The text plan should not be a problem. The web/net plan may be an issue if it was sidekick-specific. I don’t think it is, but some phones - mainly PDAs and Blackberrys require access plans that are tied to the companies that provide the equipment (Blackberrys require a $20/mo plan that supports the RIM-specific browser and email applications)

As I mentioned, I don’t think it’ll matter in your case. Just put the simcard in and try it.

the sidekick internet plan is specific only to sidekick phones. So you can get your unlimited texting and the regular voice plan on the dash, but you’ll have to buy the blackberry internet if you want to use the internet on the dash. I know because i’ve put my sidekick sim card in a t-mobile wing and only had texting and calling but no internet. I tried putting my sidekick sim in a blackberry too, no dice on the internet. They’re rolling out the new 3G sidekicks soon, cuz t-mobile just upgraded their network to 3G. Hope that helps.

T-Mobile Total Internet Plan = $20 (includes T-Mobile Hotspot and unlimited tethering)
Unlimited Messaging Plan = $15 (SMS, MMS, etc.)

SK plans are specifically meant for a SK phone as most of the services on that plan don’t go through T-Mobile’s servers but through Danger’s.

IMHO, just change your plan and choose a messaging plan. That way you’ll be able to use more of the Dash’s features.

Interesting, thanks for correcting me about tmobile service. On my buddy’s t-mobile he just pays $5.99 for unlimited web and 4.99 for some texting and that’s it - but he doesn’t have a pda/sidekick/bb.