Censorship? When is it going too fart?



Don’t we have better things to do than worry about keeping people from doing certain things that do not have a direct impact on other peoples lives? And it isn’t just in China. What about all this rubbish with these sneaky little Sopa acts that keep trying to get pushed? Next thing you know some willy nilly little faggot is going to come around here telling me that I can’t use certain words because they might hurt some innocent child’s feelings. I play xbox live, them little bastards are most certainly not innocent.


Already the first post, and there are multiple expletives being used. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

But, I’m all for China-style censorship on SRK. There is a ton of bad words being used on this site, and it does not coincide with Street Fighter’s Teen rating.


I french kiss your mothers anus and then end it with a long loving lick in the same style of what you have there in your av. Because I am just that much of a caring nurturer.

I do it for the babies!!!



^ you just lost your thread.


But the real question is when will you lose your virginity?


Why isn’t there an age minimum for SRK members?


^ why you so concerned with my virginity? Is there something you wanna tell me sweety pie.


Censorship is for uptight authoritarian cunts who want to brainwash their populace into thinking like a child who can’t live without them.


Two words:** ban censorship.**



This is how you quote. And it didn’t even require me using the shift key!!!

Anyway, take all that sexy talk to pm you fucking slut. This thread would never be able to contain the awesomeness that is me when I am aroused.



i find your avatar offensive. please remove it so i can allow my 5 year old son to browse this site and i can go back to not parenting.


Lol, I thought I wrote “When is it going to fart”

That probably would have been a better title.


In other news, this loveless faggot right here is the forefront of everything that is NOT America

Mckay Hatch spends his days listen to 60’s jingles and cutting the lips off of pictures of famous models because he thinks kissing should be illegal.

Although he is only 18 now I found this simulated image of him in the future


Can we censor the censors bruvs?


Rhetorical = Real? o_O


:rofl: damn. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I read that.

This boy sounds 100% bitch-made with all mangina parts. 60s jingles and cutting the lips off of pictures of famous models. I wanna E-mail him a picture of some BIG OL’ BOOTY just to watch him have a full-on seizure and get dropped off at the emergency room in the fetal position. With luck, someone may find the kindness within them to attach a pair of balls to this guy during the operation to save his life. Seriously…WTF?





You’ve gone too fart when you crap yourself.


Real talk, that was how I felt when I saw that. I am way to easy to amuse.


World government. I’m sure you didn’t hear it from me first.