Center dead zone help (Dreamcast Agetec)


I just picked up the official Dreamcast arcade/fight stick from agetec which is really the only Dreamcast stick worth owning it seems. This is my first stick and I got it for hell shooters (gigawing, mars matrix, ikaruka) and to try my hand at the dreamcast arcade fighters (KoF 99/evo/02, fatal fury, guilty gear x, MvS2, and the capcom releases) to see if i have any aptitude for such games before I make the leap to P4A or KoFXIII on the PS3 and invest in a stick for that console.

Unfortunately it has a rather large center dead zone and I am wondering if there are any ways to fix such an issue. Obviously very high sensitivity/precision is needed for hell shooters, not sure how important this is for fighters.The hardware seems to be in great shape, has some weight to it and sound build quality. The stick doesn’t wobble at all and the buttons are clean and I got it at a good price. Not sure if the large dead zone is due to design or heavy use.

I tried google and the search option but could not find the information I needed and any help would be great. Also if I need to invest money into this please add a link to the product I would need because I don’t know shit about arcade sticks.




I think you’ll have to swap the stick out, or modify the existing one.

This guy does a stick swap among other things.