CenTex: Killeen - We're Not Dead, We've Moved To Facebok! https://www.facebook.com/groups/146505068


i don’t know if rodolfo checks here or not but he’s been pretty active with the KI centex community. i speak to him just about every day lol


Problem is, no one posts on Facebook either.


mwahahahhahahah this realm is mine for the taking!


when and where do people meet up around here?


Friday nights usually at
Joysticks in killeen, Texas
810 North W S Young Drive #101, Killeen, TX 76543
7pm until close usually (2-3ish AM or until everybody goes home)
there are quite a few setups probably a dozen or so (ps3) and a xbone, and they do random tournaments with a game you dont know about until you start playing it :smiley: usually old and obscure so everybody sucks at it


Just to let people know, we’ve migrated to FB. It’s much easier to keep up to date. Joysticks is closed. Well it’s opened, but not FGC oriented anymore, so we’ve moved on.


and SRK has been dead (not really) due to the last server move and site ui update, which we’re not fond of. At least, I’m not.


just posting to see how many years ago I joined srk


11 Years ago :smiley:


Hmm, I wonder how many post I have?


You have 3 million, Steve


I’m off the grid for a while, fellas. Reach me here or twitter @usmc_rotendo Too much distractions with newsfeeds and videos that keeps me locked in that vortex instead of getting school work done.


remembered my password!


Hey Kaze! we are having a tournament tomorrow in temple if you want to come out!


I like how my phone number on the first page is still wrong lol


Deal with it! Mwuahahahaa!


I’m probably missing out on all the good shit, due to going flaccid around Facebook whenever someone mentions I should get on it.
Stuff ever still going on down there, especially with SF5 out and about?


Of course! Yeah, I check up in here every now and then. We’re all playing SFV at the moment and Tekken, some Marvel, and even have a Smash scene now. Crazy, huh?

We all play over at Paul’s house. Every Friday after 9pm.


Wonder if I can remember some of the people down there… haven’t touched Tekken in a while, but still have a lot of muscle-memory on that game.


I will miss you, CenTex Thread!