Central China/Wuhan


Anyone on this forum in Central China? I’d really appreciate getting a beating from someone who can speak a little English. My Chinese is reasonable but doesn’t extend to discussing SF4 tips and techniques!

There’s a solid little arcade called City Hero, very close to the main Jiang Han Road pedestrian strip - I’ll be the only white boy there weeping into my OST mash as yet another Balrog thumps my Ken.

Any takers? I’ll buy you a re gan mian, for your troubles.


I’m in Hangzhou for the next couple of months, but I haven’t gotten around to traveling yet. Wuhan is not too far right?

There’s an arcade here that I’ve yet to go to, so I’ll let you know how SF4 is over here in Hangzhou.


haha damn, I was in Wuhan
Heaps and heaps of exchange students’ doing university there. Shouldnt be too hard finding opponents…


I just came back from a weekend trip from Suzhou and I was actually surprised that I was able to find arcades there.

They’re all within walking distance from ??? (Guanqian Jie). One is called SEGA WORLD (forgot the Chinese name) at the third floor of some electronics department store. You can get there immediately by taking the elevator to the left of the department store entrance and going to the third floor. I’ve been there twice and it closed at midnight on a Saturday. However, it’s kind of a dingy arcade… There’s only Hyper Fighting and a crapload of KoF cabs and other random games. It was 1 kuai for two tokens.

Buuuut, I did meet a guy there who showed me to really nice arcade called ??? (Feng Yun Zai Qi). It was a really clean, big arcade with two SF4 cabinets (i.e. one head to head setup). They didn’t have any other Capcom fighters that I saw though. This arcade was a bit more expensive than the others I’ve seen. It was 1 kuai for one token and it was two tokens for each play of SF4. Once in a while, you get one decent player practicing in arcade mode to play, but there’s not always someone playing at any given moment.

The guy I talked to said that while Suzhou has a lot of arcades, these two were the biggest and the rest were a waste of time. I would recommend only the second one though unless you like to play KoF and you don’t mind the crappier setting. But yeah, I’ll keep people updated if I find any other arcades in China.


2 RMB per play for SF4 is pretty standard, at least up north. Many arcades will give you discounts though, if you buy a lot at once.