Central Illiniois "CIL Next-Level": Looking for Players for a new Event


Hey there fellow SRK’ers,

My name is Casey Corrigan, I am a SSFIV/SF3:Third Strike player (primarily, but I play tons of other fighters) from Pontiac, IL (61764). I recently began taking a few steps to organize a regular get-together of fighting game players, in order to start building a scene in Central IL, and hopefully build it to a Tournament worthy area.

I have been in discussion with the management at The Crystal Palace, a local venue and bar for concerts, pool/darts tournaments and poker. They are interested in hosting both Casual/Money Matches and day-long tournaments, and will provide several TV’s and some projectors. The Palace is a large and very high quality venue, with a stage and large concert hall separate from the bar, plenty of space for players and spectators. They will be selling quality food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as alcohol at the bar.

If I can generate enough interest, I will set an official date for the first day of Causal Matches, and get the rest of the details involving equipment/ect… sorted out. If you are interested, please PM me so I can ask you a couple of questions and put you on the list. As I said before, I’m not going to do all of the work until I know a fair number of people are interested, so please let me know as soon as possible so I can get everything organized!

The Causal Matches will be open to all ages and skill levels. The idea is to help build the scene in the area, by providing a friendly environment where players of any skill level can have fun, practice, and learn in order to take their game to the next level. I believe that an event such as this will really help players in the area, who in most cases only have the harsh and undependable online experience available to them. Everyone from the seasoned veterans to first time players are welcome, therefor any sort of mistreatment to “scurbs” will NOT be tolerated. I will try to keep players of similar skill playing with each other if they wish. I plan on categorizing players by skill level, so I can evenly match up people who wish to play within their skill level or higher. Talented players who are willing to help the newer or less experienced players are an invaluable resource, and are exactly what we need to build a scene here in Central Illinois.

If enough players are interested, I will organize Money Matches and full on Tournaments in the future. I first want to build up enough players via Casuals.

The games featured and the equipment used will depend on what players want/can provide. As the Head Organizer, I have no problem with hosting a multitude of games. As of right now, Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel v. Capcom 3 will be the main games due to interest, but I plan on hosting 3rd Strike Online Edition once it comes out, and Super Turbo HD-Remix if people are interested. Also, we could run some matches of various games via emulators on PC’s, if people want to bring their rigs. I will try to accommodate everyone to the best of my ability. I would love to see some Vampire Savior matches going on!

If you are interested in joining or helping out in any way, please post here and send me a PM here at SRK. I will give you further contact information from there.

Thanks a lot everyone, I hope some of you are interested!

-CaseyCor “Dark Nihl”


Hi Casey. Unfortunately the central IL scene is fairly small although the Chicago scene is infact pretty decently big.

I’ve been living in central IL and playing fighters for years ( I live in Normal, IL go to school in Champaign, IL ) and have kind of had to cope with the small scene down here.

Fortunately here at UIUC in Champaign Urbana we have gotten a pretty good scene going along with some friends from both Bloomington Normal and Peoria.

Me and Tuboware have been running monthly ranbats in Champaign for SSF4 and MvC3 and Zenblaster has gatherings in Peoria (has a basement arcade room).

Is there anyone else around you in the Pontiac area or are you just trying to reach out in hopes of finding someone near? Fortunately there is a small but dedicated group of players but most of us are in Champaign/Peoria/Normal.

We have our ranbat finale this saturday in champaign in fact and anyone is more than welcome. Check out the UIUC thread in this forum.




It would be great if you could make it out to the UIUC Ranbat season finale this saturday.


central IL scene and this thread just ended! lol



Thanks for the invite! If I didn’t have to work late Friday night, I’d be there.

I do have a small group of local players who are interested in coming. I’m just looking for more players from around the mid-west.

I’m about 25 minutes from Bloomington/Normal, spend a lot of my time there. Very cool.


I used to play the first few Tekken games and Tekken Tag Tournament at Time-Out in Bloomington, many years ago. I preferred 3rd Strike, but Time-Out moved from Super Turbo right into Tekken when it came out. All the competition moved from ST to Tekken, so I went with as well.


Just a quick update, I currently have about 12 local players who are interested in coming to this event.


Our ranbat is on Saturday not friday. Hope some of you can come.


About 15 people are interested as of right now. Still looking for more names! No one from SRK wants to get together and play!?


How many are actually with you in Pontiac?


All the players are from Pontiac, and are of various skill levels.


You should all come to the tournament this Saturday!!


I’ve already told them about the ranbat and sent them the link to the thread here! :).


Ranbat info:

Saturday April 16th

1006 E Kerr Ave, Apt 106
Urbana, IL

Come as early as 5pm. Tournys start at 7-7:30 with SSF4 first followed by MvC3.
10 dollar entry 70-20-10 payout.


You seem to have taken over my thread a bit here…heh.


get these other guys posting then you can start a pontiac thread


I live in Peoria and would be interested in whatever sort of events or gatherings you guys get started.

Zenblaster- Any word on the next gathering you’re planning? Is this something open to any SRKer or do I need coups? :wink:

Edit: I’ll most likely make it out to the ranbat on Saturday. I assume all I need to know is in this and the UIUC thread.


Very cool! Looking for some more out of town players such as yourself before I set an official date.

To all that are interested in coming, please send me a PM so I can ask you a couple questions about the event. Thanks!


I would be willing to come sometime to an event in Pontiac and I am sure if tournys get going Chicago would be willing to come too since it really isnt that far away. Im just glad to see more and more IL people popping up in the scene. 3-4 years ago I felt nearly all alone for street fighter in central IL.

Hope to see a bunch of you in Champaign this saturday.