Central Maryland - LXG - March 13th Tournament


Friday the 13th tournament at Games N Stuff in Glen Burnie, Maryland.
Time is 7pm.

For more info, please visit www.LastActionGamer.com



Are you guys expecting intense competition or is this just for shiggles?

What system will SF4 be run on? Rules and tournament format? Any entry fee? Any pay out or prizes?


Site’s down but Google Cache shows a site with about the same level of info. Seeing as this are supposed to be going down this weekend, it’d be nice to know what’s up.


I may have to get into this tournament. I get off at 2pm from the 2nd job so it should work. And to add to my man Pat’s question, can we use our own controllers? Wait a minute I just saw the date…may not be able to make it after all…


Our apologies for the site going down…we are running into problems with discountasp.net…not that means anything.

Intense competition? It depends, we have had a few people email us “trash talking” and have been promoting at the GameStop tournaments…take that for what it is worth.

The tournament is on the XBOX360.
Single elimination.
Depending on participants, round 1 will either be best 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5. Round 2 and on will be 3 out of 5.
Must use the same character throughout tournamnet. None of that waiting to see who the other guy/gal selects.
There WILL be prizes.
No entry fee.

Registration starts around 6:50. Tournament starts at 7:20.
Location is Games N Stuff in Glen Burnie. For directions visit here http://gamesandstuffonline.com/directions.html

Any other questions, email us at Events@lastactiongamer.com


what are the prizes? and what controllers are allowed?


We are still deciding on the prizes. We are going to give away some of our clothing to the first and second place winners. There might be a Resident Evil guide involved…plus, GameStop, Scion, and Games N Stuff are likely including prizes as well.

Keep in mind, this is for FREE

As far as controllers? To keep it fair, we are using the controllers GameStop is providing.


Barring the wholly vague, uninformative first post…

It’s incredibly poor form to advertise a tournament and with prizes undetermined, especially this close to the date. Just because its FREE doesn’t mean its free to get there. People have to take time out of their schedules, and money to get there. It doesn’t fly that they don’t even know what they are competing for.

It’s not fair keeping the tournament to “Gamestop provided controls”. First, you provide no information as to what exactly this means. Does it mean the pads that are locked to the console? At my round2 gamestop, where LXG was present, one side played on a stocked used wireless xbox controller while player 2 was forced to use the store controller. Obviously unfair, without even bringing into question the quality of the store controllers which have obviously been handled carelessly by thousands of people. The only thing that is fair is to let people use their own controllers, in that respect every single person has had equal time to prepare. What about access? What about people who play at that gamestop everyday? How is that even fair? Fairness is a joke.

As for your rule of same character… that rule is okay, but I think you have the wrong reason for enacting it. If you don’t want someone to wait to see who the other player picks, force a blind or double-blind selection rule. There’s no reason to limit people if it doesn’t even accomplish your goal - just picking the same character doesn’t even mean you don’t know who the other player will pick - it means you categorically will every single past the first round if you pay any attention. So you take away the edge counter-pick, but there knowledge is still there and that’s still part of what you’re trying to take away. It’s your choice, but you should be aware that there are better options available.

I actually had plans to attend this tournament. Not anymore, best of luck.


there is nothing “fair” about making people use those awful 360 pads. It just makes for a low skill tourney.

Why do people advertise tourneys here that are pad only? This is NOT the place.


Could you at least post what the prizes are??


Some tournament made up by some nobody. Welcome to the future of SF tourneys. :lol:

I’ll stick to C3.


because they want me to win them all!!!


A couple follows ups:

First, I want to thank some of you for the hate (esp. you Devil and Renegage - awesome). We are just trying to have a good time and promote our brand.

Regardless, those of you who are still interested…

RE: The Pads. Two WIRELESS 360 pads. Would I prefer that people can bring their own pads? Yes, but then we encounter the scenario where people who don’t have their own pads complain about others having an unfair advantage. Perhaps we can remedy this in the future.

RE: Choice of characters. Double-blind would work and we thought about it after the fact. Maybe next time.

SFIV Guide
LXG Gear
Games N Stuff credit
Scion TBD

We will have pizza, chips and soda as well.

If there are any other question, I would prefer you email me personally at jcbraz@lastactiongamer.com. Thanks.


wow a new car for fourth place??? hell yeah im there


Absolutely, we got some of that bailout money heading our way.


which prize does each placer get?? Like which do i get for first, second etc.


1st Place
SFIV Guide
360 Points
LXG Gear of your choice
Games N Stuff Credit
Scion TBD (talking to them tonight

2nd Place
LXG Clothing

3rd Place
LXG Clothing