Central New York Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament!


Come down to LAN Mob on 1 1/17/2016 for our first Street Fight IV Tournament! We’re all very hyped for SFV and to sustain ourselves until it’s release, we’ll be playing some USF4!

Entry: $10

You’re welcome to bring your own controller!

Game Version will be on PS4


  • Versus Mode
  • 99 seconds
  • 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
  • Edition select OFF
  • No handicap
  • Finals will be Bo5 matches

Registration is at 12:30 PM day of, but please preregister NO LATER than 1/15/16 with your deposit and contact info! This is to ensure that we are able to run a standard tournament format.

LAN Mob is a small LAN Center in Rome, NY. We hold various tournaments (many of them are fighting games) and are always happy to see talent at our events! Check out our FB for more information! www.facebook.com/lanmobrome