Central PA thread (Harrisburg,York,Lancaster,other centralish areas)


Have you been practicing marvel?


Of course. Always have been.


Good deal! I’m hopefully gonna bring another marvel player this weekend. He may be a tad but rusty, but I’m curious to see how things turn out. See you all there!


Hey, for anyone who isn’t aware, there’s a weekly Street Fighter V tournament at Oowee gaming cafe at the mall in Harrisburg every Thursday. Signups are at 5pm, tournament starts at 6. I spoke to the owner and some of the other players, and they’re interested in possibly running other games as well, like Guilty Gear or Tekken. Anyone want to come out next Thursday?


yo Jester im thinking of coming 2 this tourny how many players show up and whats the entry fee?


Last week was only 8 players, the week before was 12, and the monthly right after sf v dropped had 20 players in the bracket.

After attending a few monthlies, there are about 30ish players in the area that play street fighter (in tournament,) half-ish of which branch out to other fgc games from my estimation.

Entry fee for the weeklies is $5 venue, and $5 entry for the tournament per game (only sf v right now, but like I said before the opportunity for expansion is there if the players show up.) I can’t predict how many will come through this week, but there were people who showed up late and said they’d like to come back and enter so I’m optimistic about tomorrow. Hopefully you can make it!


cool how long dose signups last? i probably cant b there right at 5


An hour or so. As long as you’re there before the 1st round of the tournament is finished, I don’t think there’d be any problems. Last time the tournament started at about 6:15.


Thank you guys for supporting our events. We will be having another tournament (White Rose) April 30th with another local smash, like the previous ones. Once the event is made, I’ll post the link in here. As always check us on Facebook (Rushdown Gaming) We have two different pages, one is a business page and one is a group where we discuss anything fighting game related.

We also attend those weeklies at Ooowe. We have a couple people from our group go. I’ve only been to two of them. The first one where I took 2nd (Necalli) with another guy from our group taking first (birdie) and one 2 weeks ago.

Jester were you able to make the last white rose? What was your ID? If you come out for the next one, I’d like to meet you if we haven’t met already.


As long as you’re there around 545 for Ooowe you’re fine. Even a little later, but aim for at least 545 please.


I’ll be at the next one, and I’m pretty sure we’ve already met. I won SFV at the last White Rose, and I think defending the title is going to be rough.

edit* I’m going to really try to make an effort to be at Oowee tomorrow. I went to the second one, but I haven’t been able to make it the past few weeks because of school.


Hey, I’m not sure if anyone even still reads this thread, but there’s a small SFV tournament in Harrisburg on Saturday if anyone is around! Singles starts at 12 and 2v2 teams is at 2pm. https://www.facebook.com/events/255241868161616/


There’s a new raider bowl this upcoming Saturday.


Anyone down for an NEC XVII preparation tournament in D.C. on December the 10th?


is there a discord for our area? trying 2 find anyone from around here 2 play is impossible.


how’s it going pa with injustice 2 coming out next week I wanted to start hosting games at my place I live in Harrisburg I’m down to play any game just post if your interested peace


https://www.facebook.com/events/408409349544108/?ti=cl come to Pittsburgh this Sunday to compete in Tekken 7, Injustice 2 and SFV. Pot bonuses and great food


Where the FGC scene at here these days? FB groups seem dead. This seems dead. It all just dead here?


I just moved to Mechanicsburg about six months ago. Haven’t lurked on the SRK forums in awhile. Any of you guys meet up frequently for casuals? Right now my main game is Tekken 7, but I also play the hell out of AE and just got Dragon Ball Fighterz.


I hope not cause I just moved from an area that had no scene lol. It’s so hard finding people to play in person unless i drive all the way to damn Philly.