Central Texas Brawl **The Ultimate Street Fighter** (Killeen, TX) - 3/20/10 +$100!

That’s right folks! Central Texas is having a huge tournament and everyone is welcome to attend.

**The Ultimate Street Fighter **
Presented by: K-Town Brawlers and FX Game Exchange
[flyer here> http://la.gg/upl/Untitled-1_47.png]

Date: 3/20/10

Registration: $5 per game(we take paypal!) ktownbrawlers@gmail.com

Sign-Up Here:
*Street Fighter IV *http://challonge.com/tournament/signup/g5c4rium
Tekken 6 http://challonge.com/tournament/signup/667wps5z
Results will be posted via Challonge.com Live! So that you may stay informed on the matches.

Games: SFIV and Tekken 6

Venue: FX Game Exchange
Killeen Marketplace
3213 E. Central TX Expressway #600
Killeen, TX 76543
Phone: 254-213-9293

Time: Registration begins at 12:00pm - 1:00pm Tournament will begin @1:30pm
**[If you are going to be late, call the store at the number listed or call me @ 760-532-1577, Rodolfo/Rotendo]
1st Place 70% + $100 Bonus! (*SFIV Only)
2nd Place 20%
3rd Place 10%


  1. Rotendo (RoTeNdO) (paid)
  2. Steven (ihiryu)
  3. Anthony
  4. Scott (Pongzter)
  5. Keith
  6. Roderick (Mookie)
  7. Michael (Monotone)
  8. Serge
  9. Thompson (Mr. T)
  10. Frank
  11. Xavier (dudders)
  12. Markayyy (mkay)
  13. Ian (letsbeian)
  14. Marty (bubba)
  15. Alex (Big Goof)
  16. Paul (mexiwont)
  17. Gemini Knight
  18. Rudy (Sinister-X)
  19. JC_Denton
  20. JDR.
  21. Josh (Ash2k4)
  22. Sean (Maximo254)

Tekken 6

  1. Rotendo
  2. Momo254 (paid)
  3. Ian (letsbeian)
  4. Billy (Shin-Rukus)
  5. Bryan (Kaze-Kami)
  6. James (Odie)
  7. Gemini Knight
  8. KamTx
  9. Sean (Maximo254)

General Rules
BYOC (Bring Your Own Controllers) We don’t want complaint that the pads/sticks provided had issues and are at fault if you get peaced out. NO TURBO CONTROLLERS ALLOWED!

Only one entry allowed per game.

We’re all here to have a good time and compete, so respect your fellow gamers. Any sign of disrespect will not be tolerated and will result in you getting disqualified. Trash talking is encourage, however keep it PG. It is always good to display good sportsmanship, so be sure the show it after every match. Its the least you can do.

Street Fighter IV
Console, PS3
Double Elimination
Games will be played best 2 of 3 rounds
Matches will be played best 2 out of 3 games
Standard Time of 99 seconds

Tekken 6
Console, PS3
Double Elimination
Games will be played best of 5 rounds
Matches will be played best 2 out of 3 games
Standard Time of 60 seconds

Winner must keep same character, Loser may change theirs

**If you want to participate, just reply with: ADD ME! You can pay via paypal or on site.
**Paypal instructions: To: ktownbrawlers@gmail.com
Amount: 5.00 USD or 10.00 USD if entering both games
Click on Personal and select either payment owed or other
In notes, please indicate if payment is for SFIV or Tekken 6


There are many restaurants around to eat afterward or during the tournament.
Next door there is: Jason’s Deli, a Ross, Best Buy, AT&T, Staples, Home Depot, Citifinancial, and Chase Bank.
Across the Marketplace there is: T.G.I. Friday’s, Olive Garden, and Tia’s Tex Mex
Down the road there is: Chilli’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Directions Here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=3213+E.+CENTRAL+TX+EXPWY+KILLEEN+TX,+76543&sll=31.082342,-97.708626&sspn=0.239341,0.377312&ie=UTF8&z=13

Is there a venue fee?

No, Sir. There isn’t. :tup: You can bring in your old games for cash and stuff. They sell SNES, Dreamcasts, and etc… there too.

Sorry about that folks…** GET A DREAMCAST @ FX GAME EXCHANGE!**

nice!!!might had to go to this.

Tried sending a PM, but not seeing it in my sent folder.

Shin-RoTeNdO, any interest in getting a Challonge! t-shirt mixed in with the prizes? If so, should I ship to the venue address you listed or elsewhere?

I got the pm and replied. If you didn’t get it, let me know on here. Thanks!

[bump] :coffee:

Oh skrit! Another T6 tournament in Killeen? I’ll give it a shot, and I’ll try to rally some troops to come as well. I’m going for T6, still up in the air on SF4. Need alot of practice in that game.

Will there be a need for an extra TV, PS3, and tournament games? I got em all, and can record(not in HD, but both composite and camcorder).

I really want to support this the best that I can.

We’re trying to get additional setups. They have 2 plasmas (which is not the favored choice) As far as recording goes, if you have the capabilities to post them up online, then yes.

yes will definitely attempt to come to this lets go CHRIS!!

As of right now, plans are to go to this tournament for SF4.

Is there on-site registration or is it online pre-reg only?

Either or.

I’ll try to make it out to this one:tup:

Ok. So I got a nice t-shirt to add for the winner, thanks to Challonge.com! <SFIV

I’ll update the entry list sometime tonight. So far we have 15 players for SFIV that signed up in the store (more on the way) and 6 for Tekken 6 (via store as well)


Ok. I’ll be there and enter both games. I’ll also bring my camcorder. If they are ok for letting my bring my tv then I can also bring my video transfer device.

Sure, bring it! <The tv, that is. Leave your A game at home, lol. So what type of tv is it?

19" CRT, but it has output for my video transfer device.

As for A game, the last time I played Tekken 6 was when I went to that Gamestop Tournament on Trimmer. If anyone of ya’ll was there and remembered me, I was using Kuma.

Haha! That was you? Yeah, that was my store, bro! Dude, you should totally be gaming with us (K-Town crew) That tourney was…garbage. I even recorded the 2nd place winner spamming 1, 2 all day long, lol. That is all he did throughout the whole tournament! That was my first time playing T6, been playing more lately to learn the game, but I play with really highly skilled players. Your comp is going to be (in no particular order of skill level) Bryan, James, and Maota. Nasty group of guys, though I’m not that bad either… literally, anymore, lol. You maining Kuma?

Oh, that was you playing Jin? Tightness!

I want to use Jack but I’m too clumsy with movement, hence one of the reasons I roll with the bears.

I’d love to be part of the action. Just gotta run the idea to my wife.


Okay, so we have more tvs that will be used for setups, and…

going to be recording the matches as well as streaming the event! We will be going into the testing phase of streaming matches later on today (Sunday) via several users home pc vs streaming equipment used.

There are places to eat nearby and restaurants if you want to grab a bite afterward, but we’re working on getting Bush’s Chicken as a sponsor and awaiting the owner’s final approval. That means there will be free food and drinks available if we get this locked down! Get hype!