Central Texsa Brawl *** The Ultimate Street Fighter *** Killeen, TX 3/20/10

Great turn out to this event! Thanks you everyone who was able to attend. :woot:

First, I would like to take a minute to congratulate everyone, and another two minutes to apologize for the small hiccups towards the end. The delay in beginning the tournament was minimal, but we really wanted to have a some sort of setup for recording the matches, but due to lag issues we had to scrap that. Next time! We’ll just have to invest in better equipment, so we’ll be doing car washes, walking ladies across streets, and selling banana bread to do so :lol: <You guys did catch that right? We had some guy walk in selling banana bread! Yes, seriously.

Paul, Alex, and Ray: Yup, you guys get a special shout out! Good games… really good games! Again, my apologies in the time it took to prepare your winnings. We hit a snafu with the funds coordination between myself and FX Games, but was able to settle the discrepancy and cash you gents out.

NOW FOR THE RESULTS, EH? 31 entries for SFIV and 10 for Tekken 6

Top 8

1st Paul/Mexiwont (El Fuerter) - San Antonio
2nd Ray/Unrivalled SKillz (Balrog) - Killeen
3rd Alex/BlueShirt (Balrog) - Austin
4th Chris/Ryu K (Ryu) - Killeen
5th Scott/Pongzter (Blanka) - Killeen
5th Steve/ihiryu (Honda) - Killeen
7th Markay/Mkay - Killeen
7th T(Mr. T) - Killeen

Full Brackets Here>http://challonge.com/rotendo_ctb

Tekken 6:
1st Korey/Gemini Knights (Kuma) - Killeen
2nd Willis (Bob) - Killeen
3rd James/Odie - Killeen
4th Rodolfo/Rotendo (Alisa/DJin) - Killeen
5th Billy/Shin-Rukus (Kazuya) - Killeen
5th T (Mr. T) - Killeen
7th Bryan/Kaze_Kami (Kazuya) - Killeen
7th Ian/letsbeian - Killeen

WE DID GET VIDEOS! Hopefully these will become available within a week. My camcorder went out during the last set, but I believe someone else caught the last two games, with whom I’ll coordinate with to get that footage and get that added.

FEEDBACK WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Did the banana bread guy offend you? My kid for jumping in and trying to play some other game (God of War) and felt I need to smack him <of course, as parents we don’t do such things, right? Anyway… the atmosphere, the setup, staff, anything that will help to make improvements for out next tournament I would like to hear. This couldn’t have been possible without you all. Again, thank you all for coming and we’ll be seeing you at Central Texas Bar Fights!! Coming soon… but not that soon :tup:


Reserved for pics and videos

Good shit shin:tup:. Add marvel to your next 1 and might get some peeps to go!


Yeah, I tried to hook up my video transfer device and tried to hook up on of the dazzles, but the 480 wasn’t gonna let these folks play. I now see that lugging my CRT ain’t gonna cut it anymore. I’m gonna invest in the Hauppauge HD PVR cause composite cables is the absolute obsolete. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=hauppauge+hd+pvr&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rlz=1R1MOZA_en___US368&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=7410732598212715013&ei=vCCmS475BtWztgfDrZiqCg&sa=X&oi=product_catalog_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CDIQ8wIwAg&os=reviews

Also, I can help run the brackets of other tournaments or even put the brackets on my computer in case y’all need help or backup. As you saw, I want to help out; unfortunately, I’m a caveman when it comes to capturing the footage. I’ll work to tighten that up. Other than that, it’s great to see lots of peeps coming out to support this. This will only get better.

Shout outs:

Willis: I played against you when we deployed. Great to see folks making it out of the battle and getting some time to enjoy life. You’ve gotten a little better, but you’re gonna have to tighten it up next time. Once I actually learn how Bob works and spread the word, you’re gonna have to power up with him.

Kaze_Kami: Out of everyone in the tourney, you have the potential to take it to the next level. Better movement, spacing, and positioning will get you there. I want to see you power up on the level of Dallas and Houston’s best.

James: Great seeing you again bro. Congrats on that 3rd place.

Everyone else in the Tekken Tournament: Thanks for all the casuals. I started out a little rusty, and sorry bout sandbagging with Jack. Honestly, I am not a real threat in Tekken, but I can help out anyone who wants to be.

Got some Tekken vids to be uploaded on my youtube channel: GK05

osnap jefffffffff

i liked it. hope you have more tourneys :slight_smile:

BlueShirt, I’m the honda player that timed you in a match (do what you gotta do to win right?) I wanted to thank you for giving me a helluva run for my money! I’m going to work harder so the next time I see you I won’t have to time you to win a match, it won’t get anywhere close to that next time!

btw friendly trash talk no means do I want to offend you, I know these comments get misconstrued on the interwebz

Good games to everyone I played in the tournament. Barely snuck by a couple of people, glad I could clutch it out and get my first win. :bgrin:

Ian - Yay, you won a match!!! :bgrin: Thanks for letting me use that stick, it was really hard to get comfortable with anything else over there. I’ll see you soon bro. GEN FOR THE WIN!!!

Ray - Good job on 2nd dude, definitely gave me a run for my money in the last set. It’s gonna be awesome to be able to play you a lot more once you move to SA. :tup:

Pat - I snuck by on the skin of my teeth. I definitely expected you to get a bit farther but our side of the bracket was really tough. We’ll play again soon, add me on psn if you want and I’ll try to get on sometime.

Chris - You have good basics and footsies but you absolutely need to land those big combos when you have the opportunites. Get some practice in on that and I’m sure you’ll continue to do as good as you did Saturday.

Scott - I enjoyed watching a lot of your matches. You had some really good stuff with Chun and Blanka, I think my saving grace was playing with a pretty good Blanka player here in SA pretty regularly. Good stuff dude.

Markay - I remember you catching on to Fuerte pretty good a while back at UFO and definitely wasn’t looking forward to that match against you. Quit taking breaks from the game!!! :lol:

Austin Crew - Glad you guys showed up for this, it was good to see yall again and to cheer for you (until I played you guys :lol:). Austin and SA feels like the same crew to me. Good shit to Blue Shirt especially for getting 3rd and really making it hard on me to put a lot of stuff together in our matches.

The Rest of Killeen - Good games in casuals and I saw a lot of potential in the tournament matches. Definitely a big improvement from the last time I was down there to play yall guys so keep it up!

Rodolfo - Thanks for putting this together with FX Game Exchange, you did a really awesome job organizing and running the event. Thanks for handling the money issue and hopefully everything will be smoother next time around. A few suggestions/comments:

  1. Those stools SUCKED to play on. My (and other people’s) execution took a bite because of awkward stick positioning and my back was soooooo sore afterwards because I had to sit weird to compensate for it. I would suggest either trying to get some cheap foldy chairs or plastic chairs with backs that are at a normal height so our feet can sit comfortably on the ground or some kind of table to place the sticks on while playing. This is really my biggest/only complaint about this. I understand you guys did what you could but please try to arrange something better next time.

  2. You guys did a good job with the setups. There was a very slight lag (maybe 1/2-1 frame) but it was fairly easy to adapt to after a few matches, it just made teching throws and reversals a little rough. And some people REALLY need to learn how to operate their wireless controllers before turning them on…

  3. I definitely apprecieated the lack of a venue fee and I’m sure other people would agree with me, but I hate to see anybody lose out and would definitely like to see more of these tournaments and perhaps some better amenities (chairs, tables, a bench, door prizes, more games etc.) as well as a continued pot bonus of some sort. Charging 5 bucks and maybe giving people a complimentary soda/energy drink seams more than reasonable for a tourney of this size and quality and if it will help with future events then I’d have no problem doing that.

  4. Maybe think about bumping up the entry fee which will in turn bump up the prize money. We would’ve seen some more people and skill walk through that door of there was more to play for. And I kind of felt that 2nd and 3rd place money wasn’t incentive enough to travel for. 10 bucks would be better imo.

All in all, I give this tourney a 8.5 out of 10 with lots of potential for better future tournaments. Everybody needs to thank Rodolfo if they haven’t, he is definitely in it for the community. Can’t wait for the next one, I’ll be there to defend my title. :bgrin:

Thanks Paul. I did with what I/they had me work with and since I don’t own the place I can only ask for so much. They barely got those extra tv sets in the other week! We were going to have to play on those plasmas they had hanging by the front of the store and it would have been bad juju. Yeah, agree about the stools too. I was too uncomfortable to play my matches and my positioning was really awkward, but I’m not going to blame my performance entirely on that.

I didn’t want to charge $10 at first because this was more of a ‘see how well it does’ tourney and to evaluate how successful it was and then our next tourney will be $10 instead of $5.

Bush’s Chicken didn’t fall threw for us… otherwise we would have had free chicken rolls and sweet tea for everyone… I blame GameStop… they had a midnight release earlier that week.

Next time, I want to get Hooter’s wings and fries or something going on. Ian will tell you about the bar fights I’m planning. I have to coordinate a few things and entry fee will be $10.

I’m going to add you up Paul. I was mainly concerned with you and SinX because last time when you were at Chris’s house you destroyed me. At the recent Austin tourney SinX destroyed me there, but after playing you guys again, I can see that I have definitely learned a lot about both match ups…

Pat: I’ll consider playing Sagat, but will keep Dhalsim in my back pocket. I just love playing with him. Time to beat off the cobwebs off ole Sagat and hit training mode to relearn things.


LOL. i was the only person main Sagat there. i hope you can get a tourney in before SSF4 before the whole game changes!!! cuz Nerf Sagat is incoming. LOL.

Yes i do have to admit the stools had me at a disadvantage because my TS wasnt coming out fluidly. its alrighte there is always next time.

Oh… you think Sagat is getting nerfed much? Go take a look at Ryu they fucked him over, I almost don’t want to play the game anymore. I can understand some nerfs, but what they did was ridiculous.

Imagine that, the game might make Ryu and Sagat players work for their wins…like Sim…or Gen…OR FUERTE!!!

Until you start maining D-F tier characters you guys have little room to complain. :wgrin:

Edit: Whenever you feel that the nerfs in Super are unfair and lame, just remember…it could be worse, you could be maining Fuerte. :lol:

yeah i know Ryu and Sagat got nerfs. It just makes me work harder to deplete your life bar. I am really considering Dudly and Juri. The game hasnt gone live yet. so there could be problems. i know Ryu’s MP and HP DPs hit 2 but the first hit damage is horrible. its okay. i would like to get casuals on PS3 if you guys game. ADD ME DJVUDOO. i am Vu Ho at the tourney. i usually go by Vudoo at tourneys :slight_smile:

No, they’ve taken everything Ryu had. Like he has nothing now, where some of the low tiers characters had something going for them. Hopefully the stuff on the front page is rediculous, but dang. I do know how it fells tho, since I can play half the cast, maybe I’m just blowing things out of proportion.

They didn’t take away everything he had, they just made his DPs and U1 deal slightly less damage, took away trade DP >> U1 (but they did that to almost everyone) and made his shoryu slightly worse on anti-air (I’m sure EX is still as effective as in SF4). He’s still gonna be the hard-hitting, offensive machine he was in this game so I think you can relax. Just ask yourself this, how often do you really rely on that stuff to win you a match anyway? :wink:

I’d be really surprised if he dropped more than a level on the tier list, so at worst you’re playing a B-tier? Yes…woe is you Pat, woe is you. :lol:

It’s not really the trade ultra things that killed me, but weakening DP as an anti air is crazy. That is what I always use as an anti air. Making his super only cancellable on the first few frames of hadoken and not on recovery is stupid, that is what took me over the line. They didn’t even give him anything new like they did Sagat, I just makes me want to cry. I’ll be okay though, if they really nerfed him too much I will just switch mains.

Oh and nice Sagat nurf…