**Central VA SF4 All @ Gamepad** - Fredericksburg, VA - 3/29/09

Gamepad will be offering a BRAND NEW, FACTORY SEALED Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightStick (Tournament Edition) to the winner of this tournament, GUARANTEED!

[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=Blue]Street Fighter 4 Open Tournament

Xbox 360

Gamepad, located in Spotsylvania Town Centre (Mall) between Wendy’s and Lens Crafters

3102 Plank Rd.
Unit # 390
Fredericksburg, VA 22407



Sunday, March 29th, 2009
Gamepad opens and registration starts @ 11am
Singles start @ 1pm

Venue Fee: $10

Singles Fee: $10
Payout: (TE Arcade Stick or 60) /30 /10

Side Tourneys: $5

How to get here:
From I-95 take exit 130-B West on Rt.3
At the 3rd traffic light make a left onto Bragg Rd. (Just passed the main entrance to the mall)
Follow Bragg Rd. all the way to the “T” and take a right.
Take the first left you can into the parking lot and try to get as close to the “Lens Crafters” entrance as possible (between JC Penny and Macy’s).
Enter mall next to Lens Crafters sign and Gamepad will be the next unit on your right.

Why you should come:
Gamepad is built for tournaments, with over 40 HD stations, networked and online.
We will also have our Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Killer Instinct arcade cabs on free-play for this day only.
Additional side tournaments will be run based on pre-register count here.

Possible side tournament options are:
SF4 (PS3)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (custom arcade cab)
Killer Instinct (custom arcade cab)
SSF2 HD Remix (360)
Capcom vs. SNK (DC)

SF4 Rules:
Double elimination bracket.
2 of 3, best of 5 round matches.
Random stage.
Loser may change character.
Initial picks may be double blind upon request by either player.
BYOC - no programmable sticks or use of turbo, officials may test controllers at random.
Edit: (Xbox 360 controllers will be provided for use if you don’t have one.)
ALL Characters Allowed.
Unintentional or “unarranged” match disruption (pausing) may be grounds for loss of match.

Please reply with any questions or if you will be attending.[/COLOR][/FONT]****


  1. Shen Lon (droppin "G"s)
  2. MattyP
  3. RenSal
  4. BenNicky
  5. Mike “PUNISH HIM” King
  6. Brian (?)
  7. Matt (?)
  8. Yoho (?)
  9. Black Angel (?)
  10. GranDragon
  11. J.Skill
  12. MA
  13. EXIST
  14. Linken124
  15. Kabalas
  16. Dillion Dai

Side Tournaments:

Killer Instinct (ARC) :

  1. MattyP

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (ARC):

  1. KING
  2. EXIST

Capcom vs. SNK (DC):

  1. Blue(?)
  2. EXIST

HD Remix (360)

  1. EXIST
  2. Linken124

SF3:3rd Strike (xbox)

Since I couldn’t make it to the first tournament, I’m definitely coming to this.
And the Sagat/Ken training begins…

Also, I’ll take any challengers in the Killer Instinct side tournament. I’ll play on the cab or even for the SNES, you choose your demise. :slight_smile:

if i can make it out that way ill be there (J.skill)


Gamepad is putting a BRAND NEW, TE Fightstick for Xbox 360, up for the winner of this tournament, GUARANTEED! Check updated details above.

Also, please note that this tournament is on Sunday, the 29th, instead of the 28th, as it was previously listed.

See u there!

Sign me up for mvcs2/cvs1/sf4/hd remix!

thanks a bunch!

We’ll look forward to having you!

[COLOR=“Navy”]Also, we will be recording matches on “main stage” screen if attendance is up.[/COLOR]

I would come, but this is a bad date. There is already a tourney happening in VA at OMIA’s pub on that sunday.



We love that game Patrick, u know its true!!! ahahahah

Sorry to here you can’t make it, Renegade.

Patrick, will you be attending?

So, winner doesn’t get money?

think of it as a raffle that is earned

Winner will have choice of money or stick. We are guaranteeing the stick as a prize, the money amount depends on bracket size.
Info above clarified.

Will you be in attendance?


I plan on attending the sf4 and hd remix

anyone want to Money Match in SF4/mvc2/cvs2/3rd strike/ while I am there?

so if winner chooses the stick does second place get the entry money along with third place?

also can we use our own sticks or are pads gonna be required?

also can you use a text color that doesnt rape my eyes when reading it?

No, the winner gets either gets the money or the stick, and second gets 30%, etc.

Yes, you may bring your own sticks.

How’s this?

Looking forward to it. Question though.

Are we allowed to remap buttons on the joypad prior to the start of a match? Default layout is no good for some of us and it only takes a couple moments.

Otherwise count me in.

Absolutely, just remeber to let your opponent know that you would like to remap PRIOR to start of round.

Clarification as I found out about this from calling yesterday. It’s on Sunday the 29th right? Cause the guy on the phone said Saturday and the link to this post from www.gamepadva.com also says Saturday the 28th. Lemme know and I’ll be there with bells on.