**Central VA SF4 All @ Gamepad** - Fredericksburg, VA - 3/29/09

SF4 Singles Results:

2: Blue
3: Frunkis
4: Ja
5: James
5: Jab FTW
7: TheBux
7: Linken
9: Bolt
9: ShenLon
9: BlackSpade
9: Ben Nicky
13: Fuzz
13: RenSal

edit: Complete Bracket HERE.

Thanks for hosting the event…see you guys at the next 1!

who won cvs1?

did justin juan show up for that?

really werent enough people for the side tourneys. but the rest of you should definatly come to the next one…they have a ton of setups here and everything was ran very smoothly. ill be coming to the next one as well.

justina juanita!!!

Here is the entire bracket.