Central Valley California Thread


Ive noticed abunch of scenes in cali i know, but on a regular basis i cant travel more than an hour or so. Anything in the Turlock, Modesto, Merced area? I havent seen anything lately or at all. I want actual competition, not my 5 yr old with the handicap on. Any infoor peeps interested let me know. Maybe i can start something.


We have some marvel players in Santa Maria, but thats too out the way i guess


Me and a friend are trying to get something started in Manteca. we play mostly BBCP and melty blood. My main game is AE but i play a little bit of everything. We want to start a scene for all fighting games here. We play every week at War torn front.


our tourney is this month i really didnt think bbcp would have a big showing some players may bring some set ups if you wanna play casuals


Moving this thread to the Pacific North region. Will get a lot more views/usability here than in the Northwest Area.



Max Cancel is a Bi-weekly fighting game house session in Manteca, California. The goal is to provide a place for the local communities to level up and play new people.

Our game selections will expand along with our turnout. The more people we get the more diverse the games will be. So come out and play and help the local scene grow!

These events are open to the public

Questions/Contact Info:


Twitter: www.twitter.com/maxcancel

Email: valleymaxcancel@gmail.com


What happened to this thread? … Wen i was here 2 yrs ago. It was active


Next session is tomorrow and looks like its going to be a good turn out. We would love to get more people so feel free to message me here and we can work out the details.